9 Web design trends you need to follow!

Thumb-friendly Design

Do you know 54.8% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices! Wrap your finger around your mobile and check thumb is performing every task.

Dark Mode

One of the trendiest features is adding dark mode. It reduces eye strain so that users can focus better on web content.

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3D Visuals

Start adding three-dimensional elements; this gives a new experience that entices users to your website with curiosity.


Get users hooked on real-life experiences with Augmented reality (AR). It facilitates them to make better decisions.

Micro Interaction

Add small animations to buttons and let the minutest movement create a delightful user experience.

Dynamic and Responsive Landing Pages

Get your user's attention by making them interact with the cursor or touchscreen, making the webpage fun and engaging.

Data Visualization

Let illustrations express data! Share factual numbers with users by adding Infographics and graphs and bring data to life.


Let your viewers connect in real-time by chatting and support processes over the Internet; this makes the page more interactive and intelligent.

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