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Upcoming Webinar: Cross Browser Test Management Using LambdaTest and PractiTest

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Codeless Automation Testing with Katalon & LambdaTest

Learn how Katalon & LambdaTest can help you perform codeless cross browser testing on multiple environments.

16 JAN 2020 | 10 AM PST

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LambdaTest conducted a webinar by collaborating with Katalon Studio to demonstrate how you can leverage LambdaTest & Katalon for about Codeless Automation Testing. The webinar was directed by Dung NGO(Product Manager at Katalon) & Mudit Singh(Director Product & Growth at LambdaTest).

Dung NGO has an extensive 9 years of experience of working at various positions like Customer Support, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Manager, and Operation Manager.

Studio is capable of and who can make the most of this codeless automation tool.The two speakers began the webinar with the introduction to Katalon Studio where Dung explained what Katalon.

Dung also talked about the latest version of Katalon Studio i.e Katalon 7 as he dictated the most powerful features that are introduced with the new version of Katalon.

  1. Smart XPath
  2. Smart Wait
  3. Image Based Recognition
  4. Desktop App Testing
  5. Test Object Import/ Export
  6. Test Object Refactoring

We also addressed the challenges around automation testing through the past couple of years. To be precise, we addressed automated testing challenges from 2016-2019.

Our Director of Product & Growth, Mudit Singh then talked about how you can leverage LambdaTest along with Katalon Studio to come up with a robust, cross browser compatible web-application.

Last but not least, we had an interactive Q&A round where we came across a few extremely intriguing questions.

Sincere thanks to Dung NGO for coming up with an extensive demonstration of the Katalon Studio. We are sure our audience was able to catch important pointers out of that.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, it was a pleasure to e-connect with you all.

In case you missed the webinar make sure to catch the recording.


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