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Webinar: How Dunelm, a $1B Retail Giant, Does Digital Transformation and Testing

This webinar will look into the challenges Dunelm's team faced as part of their digital transformation and how LambdaTest has helped them in their software testing process to cut down its test execution time.

17th Feb 2021 | 10 AM PST

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In order to meet the increasing demand from online retailers, Dunelm embarked on a three-year roadmap to rebuild its e-commerce infrastructure from scratch into a rapidly dynamic business landscape.

During their transformation phase, they encountered several major challenges, and one of the challenges was the large test execution time while running the tests and the level of support they got from other cloud service providers.

In this LambdaTest webinar, Dunelm's team shares their experiences and methodologies on how they transformed their digital platform into a rewarding customer service that fuels higher conversion rates and revenues. They also talked about how LambdaTest has helped them to transform their digital infrastructure by cutting down their web test execution time.

The webinar is an hour-long where the Dunelm panel discussed their brick & mortar journey to an omnichannel giant. Together they explained how they built the new platform, the tech stack, strategies that helped them improve customer experience, and accelerated growth. Stuart Day from Dunelm's panel emphasized how the excellent culture of quality helped them secure and consistently delivered their operations' quality. He was joined by his colleague Ali Warsame - Principal QE and Coach, and Adam Pike - Principle Quality Engineer, who talked about challenges they faced and innovative solutions they brought in QA process as part of Dunelm's digital transformation, which has resulted in a brand new Dunelm.com platform and a whole host of new supporting technologies.

As it was an AMA (ask-me-anything) session, there were many questions poured in from the audience. Here is a quick rundown of the questions asked during the entire session.

  • What are the adjustments that Dunelm made when the pandemic started?
  • From a quality and testing perspective, what should be the key pointer to note while breaking down a monolithic system into more of a microservices-based one? And does serverless add more complexity?
  • How has team collaboration and productivity been impacted by remote working, and how Dunelm ensured this hasn't impacted any quality aspect?
  • How Dunelm enabled a culture of quality through the engineering, delivery, and product teams?
  • QAOps, is that something Dunelm believes in?
  • Does Dunelm’s product and development team are affected by different locations and time-zones?
  • Does Dunelm have any advice with products on-board with Shift left early for a walkthrough about the features?
  • Has Dunelm seen a noticeable change in the demand through your mobile site? Is Dunelm happy with the way of using Scrum and Kanban now? What were its key learnings and improvements there?
  • By what metrics does Dunelm evaluate the use of LambdaTest?
  • Being giant e-commerce moving from one platform to ad hoc comes with a big set of challenges like SEO, page speed, and page duplications. How does Dunelm tackle that?
  • In terms of shifts in trends around quality and testing, what according to Dunelm are the key things to focus on and getting better at?
  • Boards are addicted to the numbers. Is there any specific set of metrics that Dunelm uses with them that is not team-level metrics?
  • How is Dunelm approaching progressive web apps?
  • Would Dunelm rather Shift-right with the feature flags to test in Production?
  • How does Dunelm justify the investment in quality? Does Dunelm put a cost on quality issues?

The session ended with a Q & A session.

We are thankful to everyone who attended our webinar. In case you were unable to attend or would like to re-watch the webinar at your convenience, you can go through the entire conversation on the LambdaTest YouTube channel.


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