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Fundamentals of Locators & XPath in Selenium

This LambdaTest webinar will dive into the fundamentals of XPath & Locators in Selenium and how SelectorsHub, a browser extension to write Xpath and Selectors, solves the various challenges testers face during test automation.

11 MAY 2021 | 10 AM PST

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Identifying the element is still the most challenging part, requiring a right approach. When you're unable to locate elements using standard techniques like ID, class, name, link, or tagname, Selenium's XPath will always come in handy.

XPath is a technique in Selenium for navigating the HTML layout of a webpage and offers more versatility in comparison to other web locators. QA engineers use SelectorsHub to find the appropriate WebElements in the DOM. It helps to find the XPath of any WebElement quickly & easily.

LambdaTest hosted a webinar with SelectorsHub. Harshit Paul, Product & Growth Manager at LambdaTest, and Sanjay Kumar, Inventor and Founder of SelectorsHub, collaborated to explain various fundamentals about XPath and Locators in Selenium.

Sanjay started off the webinar with a detailed demonstration around XPath, Locators, and their importance in Automation testing. He emphasized the myths associated with XPath, the facts around them and how to use SelectorsHub to write your own XPath with its unique auto-complete feature. He explained how to write selectors for SVGs elements and dynamic dropdowns that are difficult to inspect. Further, he talked about how LambdaTest helped SelectorsHub to execute their test scripts on multiple browsers & operating systems.

After the detailed demonstration, Harshit introduced the LambdaTest platform and its features . He then explained how you can leverage LambdaTest cloud Selenium Grid to automate test scripts on 2000+ browser and operating system combinations.

The webinar ended with a Q&A round. In case you missed out, find the complete recording of the webinar over the LambdaTest YouTube channel.


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