Fundamentals of Locators & XPath in Selenium

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Webinar- Fundamentals of Locators & XPath in Selenium


Selenium is one of the most popular frameworks used for website (or web app) testing. However, you can reap more benefits with a cloud-based Selenium grid like LambdaTest. It offers increased reliability and scalability - two vital factors that can expedite the process of automation testing.

The first step to any devise a winning Selenium test is using the right set of web locators. XPath is a preferred web locator as it lets QA engineers to locate WebElements with ease. Lastly, XPath offers more flexibility in comparison to other web locators. Instead of using 'Inspect Tool' developer tool, QA engineers can use SelectorsHub to locate the desired WebElements in the DOM. It's a super breezy way to get the XPath of any WebElement!

In this webinar, Harshit Paul, Product & Growth Manager from LambdaTest and Sanjay Kumar, Inventor and creator SelectorsHub, hitch up to educate various fundamentals around XPath and Locators in Selenium. They will also touch base on how selector’s hub solves problems solves various challenges testers face during test automation in relation to XPath locators.

What will you Learn

  • What is XPath?
  • Why is it important for Selenium automation?
  • Types of XPath - Absolute & Relative
  • XPath axes methods
  • What challenges testers face during test automation in relation to XPath locators?
  • How selector’s hub helps in solving tester’s problem relating to XPath Locators?
  • How to execute tests on cloud grid using selector’s hub and LambdaTest?

Webinar Calander Block 11 MAY 2021 | 10 AM PST

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Product & Growth Manager