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Webinar: How to Get True Cross Browser Test Coverage with TestCafe and LambdaTest

This webinar will dive into TestCafe, an open-source platform designed to automate web testing, and how it can be integrated with LambdaTest to produce better browser test coverage.

2nd Dec 2020 | 10 AM PST

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As per a survey by InfoWorld, organizations that automate 50 percent or more of their tests experience faster testing cycles (88 percent), improved test coverage (71 percent), and the ability to catch bugs earlier (68 percent).

Without a doubt, automated browser testing has been inevitable for modern QA practitioners as it allows them to help save time and effort over routine test cycles. For almost a decade, Selenium as an open-source test automation framework has been a preference for the majority of QA experts. Having said that, Selenium script execution is no cake-walk. You need to keep in mind version incompatibility issues, dynamic web element rendering, and setting up the test environment can be complicated and time-consuming.

Modern test automation frameworks such as TestCafe are designed in a way to overcome these traditional challenges. How? Well, that is precisely what we have shared in the recent LambdaTest webinar.

We bring to you a comprehensive webinar involving Mudit (Director Product & Growth at LambdaTest) and Paul Usher (Technical Evangelist at DevExpress), with 30 years of experience in software development, who came on board to present an in-depth demonstration of TestCafe capabilities.

The discussion starts with Paul, who introduced the TestCafe platform and demonstrated how to run your first automation test on TestCafe.

Mudit then went on to talk more about LambdaTest and demonstrating how to integrate the capabilities of TestCafe with LambdaTest to produce better browser test coverage, by enabling you to run your TestCafe tests over an online Selenium Grid of 2000+ real browsers without needing to maintain a device lab.

And, as usual, we didn’t miss the opportunity to have fun at the end by having an interactive Q&A round.

We are thankful to each one for joining this webinar. In case you missed tuning in to this webinar on Getting Proper Cross Browser Test Coverage With TestCafe and LambdaTest, you can go through the entire conversation on our YouTube channel.


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