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Webinar: How To Overcome Test Automation Challenges with Codeless Automation?

This webinar will look into the challenges revolving around test automation and how codeless automation can help change the game for agile teams.

13th OCT 2020 | 10 AM PST

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We all know that Test automation is the future and plays a critical role in business success. In fact, 90% of IT leaders believe that Test Automation is the most crucial factor in accelerating innovation. But then also most businesses are not utilizing test automation fully.

Why? What is holding them back?

Well, the answer is pretty simple - it's the challenges of test automation that are holding businesses back. You might have tried your hands on test automation as well, and you must have faced few challenges in either setting up automation tests or running them.

Traditional automation testing involves writing separate execution software scripts for each test case and then executing them through a separate software setup dedicated to running, monitoring, and logging the test cases.

For large projects, having a fast release cycle, creating a test environment, and writing test scripts itself takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Not to forget the high learning curve, as frameworks, libraries, and programming languages keep evolving. This ultimately defeats the whole purpose of automation testing; to reduce testing time and save resources. That's where codeless automation comes into the picture, as it is an effective way of solving all the challenges we discussed above.


Well, to answer that and help you overcome all your test automation challenges with codeless automation, LambdaTest and LEAPWORK shook hands. We teamed up with Harshit Paul, Product and Growth manager at LambdaTest, and Sune Engsig from LEAPWORK, who has 20 years of experience working with business and process development. And has extensive project management experience in both government and the telecom industry.

This conversation is the go-to guide for your question regarding automation testing and codeless automation. This webinar covers:

  • Challenges with automation testing.
  • How codeless automation testing helps to overcome these challenges.
  • Intro & Demo of LEAPWORK, an E2E codeless automation testing tool.
  • How LambdaTest & LEAPWORK integrate for better browser coverage.

In the end, we had an interactive Q&A round, where both our experts answered interesting questions requested by listeners.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and made it our most successful webinar. In case you missed this delightful conversation around Test Automation Challenges with Codeless Automation. You can find the entire recording over our YouTube channel; make sure to catch the recording. And don't forget to email us any questions you have.

We hope you enjoy the recording!


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