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Increasing Product Release Velocity by Debugging and Testing in Production

In this LambdaTest and OzCode webinar, you will learn how both testing in production and production debugging can help you accelerate product release velocity and ship builds faster.

13 April 2021 | 10 AM PST

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In the software development domain, product velocity is the crucial factor. The faster you ship product to market, the higher will be your competitive edge. Modern release cycles require speed, and we continuously try to accelerate our CI/CD pipeline and get those builds out as early as possible. And just because your build has passed all of the necessary quality checks doesn't mean you're done. Every developer has encountered bugs in the production environment. Production errors happen regularly; the longer they go unnoticed, the more damage they do and create a roadblock in your software release velocity. Therefore to get a faster release process, you need to ensure the production and debugging go hand in hand.

In this LambdaTest webinar, Harshit Paul, Product & Growth Manager from LambdaTest and Idan Shatz, Developer Advocate at Ozcode, team up to explain how both testings in production and production debugging can help pace your product release velocity.

The session started off with Harshit and Idan highlights the roadblocks to release velocity and the need to ensure the production and staging are mirroring and complementing each other. Together they explained the roadblocks like difficulty to reproduce and debug issues, lack of automation, flaky test etc.

Harshit then went on demonstrating how LambdaTest and OzCode can help accelerate go to market. He demonstrated what LambdaTest does and the features it offers for your web testing needs. After that, Idan gave an overview of OzCode and how you can leverage the OzCode for your live debugging without making any code changes to the server.

Together Harshit & Edan presented the demos of velocity barriers from the testing stage to the production stage. The demos include solving cross-browser issues, solving issues end to end and to solve issues in production. Finally, they talked about the best practices to boost your release velocity.

The webinar ended with a QnA session.


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