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Locators In Selenium Made Easy with AutonomIQ ChroPath & LambdaTest

Learn how LambdaTest & Selenified can help you perform cross browser testing in parallel on more than 2000 real browsers.

19 MAY 2020 | 10 AM PST

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Locators in Selenium are pivotal for almost every test automation script. Using Locators in Selenium, you can automate interaction GUI elements on your web-app or website. In general, there are 8 locators in Selenium and finding the right one for your automation script could be a tough hunt at times. But what If we told you, there is an easier way to find these locators & execute Selenium testing? It’s called ChroPath.

ChroPath is a utility browser-extension that lets you quickly find & copy locators over any web element through developer tools.

As soon as we came to know about ChroPath, we reached out to Sanjay Kumar(Inventor & Creator of ChroPath) and asked him if he could join us for a webinar to demonstrate how Selenium testers can get the most out of this free-to-use browser utility extension.

And so we hosted another webinar with Sanjay Kumar & Mudit Singh (Director Product & Growth at LambdaTest) to help the Selenium community be more productive around the implementation of locators in Selenium.

Sanjay kick started the demonstration with a simple example where he built an XPath for a random selector. He immediately grabbed our attention when he made us notice the difference in total time consumed to build an XPath for a single selector using the Developer tools with & without ChroPath. The results were astonishing.

1. Time consumed while building XPath Without ChroPath - 1 minute 1 second 2. Time consumed while building XPath With ChroPath - 18 seconds only!

Using Developers tools without ChroPath took 3 times more time to build an XPath and that too for a basic locator. Imagine the number of locators you’ve to work through while performing Selenium test automation. You might have to work over hundreds of Selenium locators for your web-application. With ChroPath you can work at least 3 times faster!

After raising the curiosity bar of our audience, Sanjay presented an end-to-end demo of ChroPath to help novices & expert automation testers understand the ease at which they can find the Selenium locators for test automation scripts.

But it would be no fun to simply fetch the locators unless we incorporate them in a test automation script & run them effortlessly over a Selenium Grid right? Keeping that in mind. Sanjay incorporated various locators found through ChroPath in a test automation script & ran it over LambdaTest Selenium Grid online.

At the end, we had a Q&A session where we came across a few intriguing questions too!

Thank you everyone for tuning in to our webinar. We hope you guys got to learn amazing tips & tricks around Selenium locators. Feel free to share your experience with us. We would also like to extend our thanks to Sanjay for taking the time to e-meet us for demonstrating ChroPath, an awesome browser-utility extension.

In case you missed our webinar, you can find the full recording over our YouTube channel. Happy Testing!!

P.S - We hope you & your loved ones stay in good health and be strong in the face of COVID-19. Our deepest condolences to the families who have suffered terrible loss due to this unprecedented global pandemic.


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