Scalable and Reliable Cross Browser Testing With Cypress Framework

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Scalable and Reliable Cross Browser Testing With Cypress Framework


The Cypress automation framework is gaining wider adoption with the automation testing fraternity. It is a JavaScript-based testing framework that is primarily built for testing modern web applications.

Intrigued to learn about automation of web applications (and websites) with the Cypress Framework? If so, make sure to attend our webinar on Cypress framework with Narayanan Palani - Best-Selling Author, Chapter Lead of Major Financial Institution, London where he will demonstrate valuable tips & tricks to run Cypress automation tests at scale.

These would be the key takeaways from the webinar on 'Automation testing with Cypress' Introduction to the Cypress Framework.

What Will You Learn

  • Why Cypress Over Selenium
  • End-to-End Testing with Cypress Framework
  • Making the most out of Cypress with LambdaTest (Parallel testing, visual testing, and other things applicable)
  • Patterns & Practices for Cypress Testing
  • The Magic of the Cypress Dashboard
  • Avoiding Flaky tests in Cypress

...20 July 2021, 10 am PST

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Sanjay Kumar

Narayanan Palani

Quality Engineering Lead, Best Selling Author, Recognised As 'Exceptional Talent Of Uk'

Harshit Paul


Product & Growth Manager LambdaTest


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