5 Android Emulators you need to try in 2023!


Android holds the largest consumption share of 43.47% worldwide in OS Market Share.

Why Android emulators?

They help in application testing across different versions of the Android platform cost-effectively & enable quick turnaround time.


This developer-friendly Android emulator has a built-in sensor simulator to test your app functions on different devices, orientations, and screen dimensions.

Android Studio

The default developer terminal for Androids, this open-source machine emulator and a virtualizer offers a broad range of capabilities such as Multi-touch support, hardware acceleration, and network emulator.


Known as an Android gaming emulator, this emulator gives all gaming controls on the mouse, keyboard, and gamepad in one click. It also offers multi-window support.


This is a widely secured Android emulator backed up by Google's trust. It lets you run an unlimited number of Android APKs generated with Chrome.


Cloud-based test execution platform with hundreds of Android emulators and real devices. Users can also automate their app testing with the LambdaTest Automation grid.

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