Chrome Extensions Developers and Testers Must Have


Web browsers are essential tools for developers and testers because they allow them to create, test, and debug web applications.

LambdaTest Chrome Extension

Perform live interactive and automated cross-browser testing on the cloud over more than 3000+ environments and real devices.

LambdaTest Chrome Extension

It helps to increase productivity, reduce time in testing, achieve faster time to market, and increase collaboration.

LT Debug

It is a tool with a collection of free online web design, development, and debugging tools to make your development activities easier and faster.

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Window Resizer

It is an extension to resize the browser window to simulate different screen sizes and resolutions to test different layouts on various browser resolutions.

Fake Filler

Save time by eliminating the need to fill forms with this tool, which uses randomly generated phony data to fill all input fields on a page.

Page Ruler

Easily measure distances (in pixels) on your webpage. Move your cursor and understand the width, height, start, and end of the ruler, all labeled with matching metrics in pixels.

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