7 Myths of testing!

It is only about bugs

Testing helps find bugs to ensure that the software is working adequately.

Everything can be automated

Automation testing helps in saving time & effort from manual testing. A test orchestration platform evaluates your needs and tests accordingly.

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Testers break the product

Testers help find the errors and make the product efficient.

Testing is a one-time thing

Testing is a continuous process & continues after release too. This helps in checking and maintaining the functionality of the product.

Testing finds all the bugs

Finding all bugs during testing is impossible as there are bugs discovered on the go, and with new releases, bugs can be discovered.

100% coverage, 100% bug-free

It refers to that all the code has been executed at least once, but there might be test cases or scenarios that have not been considered.

Testers should follow the developers' work schedule

As testing is a constant process, testing and development should go simultaneously.

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