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Runs on Linux
containers, macOS
and Windows

HyperExecute platform comes with feature-packed test runners for every major OS, including in-built support for all major programming languages & frameworks like Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, GO, C# & more.

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AI-Powered Test

Our test orchestration automatically groups and distributes your tests intelligently across different testing environments. It takes into account past executions, automatically reorders the tests to surface failures faster.

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Real Time Console
and Execution Logs

Get all the test execution logs like terminal logs, network logs, commands, exceptions, test run video and more in a single intuitive dashboard.
No more stitching of separate terminal, test execution logs, like legacy test clouds.

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Automatic report

HyperExecute enables developers & testers to truly analyze the quality of their builds through AI-powered reports, generated for each build. Eliminating the need of gathering data from multiple sources & building extensive reporting frameworks.

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Real Device
Test Execution

Parallelise testing on multiple real mobile devices at once. Enjoy broad device compatibility, including Android, iOS, ensuring comprehensive testing and impeccable functionality. Embrace real-world scenarios and bid farewell to virtual device limitations.

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Visual Testing With

Streamline Visual Testing with HyperExecute. Easily compare screenshots, identify pixel variations, and execute tests to maintain visual consistency across different browsers and devices. Effortlessly achieve pixel-perfect accuracy at scale.

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Performance at
it's best

HyperExecute is an AI-powered test execution platform that is up to 70% faster than other test execution grids. It takes care of executing your tests in the least time possible so that you can focus on crafting your test cases. Scalable, Reliable, Secure, Enterprise grade testing.

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Deploy on popular cloud platforms


Why HyperExecute?

Get the best of both worlds, SPEED of a local setup and the SMARTNESS of a cloud grid.

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Smart Workflows

Intelligent Test Execution

Comes with AI-powered smart capabilities out-of-the-box. Set up test discovery and execution in multiple ways, configure for intelligent retries of tests, fail fast and much more.

Test Artifact Management

Test Artifact Management

Collates test execution artifacts like reports, videos, logs, etc, from all environments into a single downloadable file that can be obtained directly from the dashboard. Managing artifacts has never been this simple.

Dependency Caching

Dependency Caching

Intelligently caches all environment and framework-level dependencies that ensure all your subsequent test runs become faster, eventually cutting down your test execution time.

Smart CI features

AI Based CI features

Fast-track your testing efforts by intelligently hitting the right APIs, preparing the test data, and generating post-testing analytics, among other AI based features, so that you can be assured of a swift go-to-market.

Command Line Binary

Command Line Binary

HyperExecute's command line (CLI), allows you to trigger tests from your local system and CI alike. Uniform user experience makes it intuitive to adopt and integrate HyperExecute in any environment.

Customizable Test Environments

Customizable Test

Completely customize your test execution environment and add right dependencies to your runners using pre and post-scripts. Testing just like you need it.

Automatic Tunnel Management

Automatic Tunnel

Comes with automatic tunnel management for private websites through a dedicated NAT (Network Address Translation) instance ensuring the highest security. Rest assured that your data is protected.

Git Support

Great Support

Support is just a click away! HyperExecute comes with detailed support documentation to help you get the best out of our product.

How it works?

Discover the magic behind the screen.

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Enterprise-Grade Features

Boost your Digital transformation journey with HyperExecute. Simple, Scalable & Secure.

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HyperExecute for
Private Cloud

For enterprises that want to keep everything behind their own firewalls, HyperExecute comes with private cloud capabilities. With HyperExecute you can set up your own cloud runners and storage which ensure no data leaves your organization’s firewalls. Designed for enterprises, built for scale.

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Enterprise grade Security,
Privacy, and Compliances

All test data, whether in transit or at rest, is securely encrypted with leading industry standards. With rigorously implemented access controls, all machines are auto purged after test execution. LambdaTest also conducts continuous audits to secure the test execution environment. We are SOC2 Type2 Certified, GDPR Compliant, and CCPA compliant.

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CLI integrations with all
CI/CD Pipelines

If there are scripts that you want to push regularly to HyperExecute, you can integrate the HyperExecute CLI to your CI/CD pipeline, thereby ensuring seamless testing.

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Supports all major
frameworks and languages

HyperExecute supports all programming languages and all major test automation frameworks.
We are already live with Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, and many more with the others in the works.

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Test Muting

Stay Tuned For

Our team is cooking up some great new features to make your testing experience even more better.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Now run your performance tests on HyperExecute. Have full control on load generation & distribution from multiple regions across the globe.

Flaky Test

Flaky Test Management

Tackle the unpredictability of flaky tests head-on. Analyze & prevent inconsistencies in your test cases at the door.

Join the Waitlist

Secure early access to upcoming in-development features upon release by signing up for the waitlist.


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we love

Open source

We are deep-rooted believers in the open-source community. We owe a lot
of our success to it. We want to give back to the community by offering 10
parallel sessions of HyperExecute for free.

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better than us

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I discovered @lambdatesting today... Incredible easy to use. Understandable docs and great support. They called me up from India to ask if I got everything working. Never again will I buy a device, just for testing. Finding this service made my day... no, the whole year!


Jette Thrane


@lambdatesting is fantastic. Cross browser and device testingtesting frustration is minimized. You can’t get rid of clients that need ie11 nor can you own every device but lambda test bridge that gap.


Mat Gargano


Really superb customer service from Arpit @lambdatesting tricky Automation problem using Selenium in Python and they talked me through it and got me up-and-running. Awesome. :-)


Michael (Mike) Horne


Super top notch customer support from @lambdatesting - just throwing it out there if you're looking for a decent browser testing platform, they get my full double thumbs up. Thumbs upThumbs up :-)


Ben Pritchard


second-day using @lambdatesting and it's already proven itself a lot faster than Cross Browser Testing and BrowserStack, at half the price! bargain


Matthew Bryson


@lambdatesting can I just say, your support team are first class. I had the pleasure of talking with Prateek Singh. He went the extra mile and nothing was too much trouble. Clearly your support are also very technically adept, something which I really value. Thankyou!


Timothy Wintle


asked questions

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  • Features
  • Platform
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  • Security
  • Enterprise
Which testing frameworks HyperExecute support?
Though HyperExecute has a very deep support for Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, CDP, taiko and other web browser testing frameworks, nothing stops it from running any other tests over HyperExecute platform using YAML. Core orchestration features and real time logs are native to the platform and will be available over any kind of testing.
Can I run a specific command before running tests on HyperExecute?
HyperExecute provides smart CI features where you can run any command before and after running tests using pre and post steps. Common use cases include, building/compiling binaries, downloading dependencies, starting services in the background or any arbitrary command.
Do I need to change my code to run my tests on HyperExecute?
No code or logic changes have to be done in order to run your end to end tests on HyperExecute. HyperExecute requires a YAML configuration file to tell which tests to run and configuring other settings. This YAML file can be created using an online YAML generator hosted on HyperExecute onboarding page.
Where will HyperExecute run my tests?
HyperExecute takes your test scripts and places them in virtual machines having all the other components required to run your tests and collect logs and metrics. These virtual machines are hosted by HyperExecute in its secured cloud environment. HyperExecute is also available on dedicated and private clouds where virtual machines can run in your personal cloud accounts.
How to use HyperExecute?
Tests are triggered on HyperExecute using HyperExecute CLI (view docs) using a YAML file to configure the executing settings including target OS, concurrency and other CI level information. This YAML file can be generated easily using a web based YAML generator that supports multiple languages and frameworks (view docs). As a user you need to focus on writing tests and running CLI with YAML, everything else is taken care of by the orchestration platform.
How is HyperExecute faster than other end to end testing platforms?
Traditional end to end testing platforms add a lot of latency in test execution due to the fragmented components by adding multiple hops. Each and every request has to travel through multiple hops before it can be served by application under test. This doesn’t just slow tests down, but adds a lot of platform induced flakiness. HyperExecute puts all the components and the test script in a single isolated environment to run the tests in the fastest and most efficient way.
How does HyperExecute help me debug my tests faster?
HyperExecute collects all every possible log including terminal logs, selenium and many more, for every single test and stores them separately from each other. These isolated logs ensure that the end user is not spending time in filtering useful logs and focuses on getting the insight from the logs as fast as possible. HyperExecute also streams these test logs in realtime to drastically reduce time wasted in debugging failed tests.
Does HyperExecute provide APIs to consume logs?
Traditional end to end testing platforms add a lot of latency in test execution due to the fragmented components by adding multiple hops. Each and every request has to travel through multiple hops before it can be served by application under test. This doesn’t just slow tests down, but adds a lot of platform induced flakiness. HyperExecute puts all the components and the test script in a single isolated environment to run the tests in the fastest and most efficient way.Yes, HyperExecute provides APIs to consume all the logs generated during test execution for offline usage
Does HyperExecute provide the ability to store test artifacts?
Yes, HyperExecute provides a convenient artifact management where you can upload test artifacts or any files/folders generated during test execution. These artifacts are stored on HyperExecute. HyperExecute exposes APIs to access these as well.
Does HyperExecute record video recording of the test session?
Yes, HyperExecute generates video recording of every single end to end test triggered over the platform. All the features available in the standard automation platform including video, screenshot, network logs and a lot more are available in HyperExecute.
Can I run parallel tests using HyperExecute?
Absolutely, HyperExecute’s core feature is to provide massively parallel testing infrastructure where the platform intelligently distributes tests across multiple nodes.
What’s the configurations for HyperExecute virtual machines?
HyperExecute provides very generous basic configuration for virtual machines to run your tests. Windows comes with 8GB of memory and 4 cores of processors, Linux comes with 4GB of memory and 2 cores of processors, Mac comes with 8GB of memory and 4 cores of processors. HyperExecute also provides the ability to customize the execution environment for enterprise accounts.
Can I group my tests to run in sequence instead of randomly distributing them?
Yes, HyperExecute provides directives to group dependent tests together which need to run in sequence. Using dynamic test discovery, users can write unique test discovery commands for every node, where dependent tests will run in sequence. HyperExecute allows various directives to construct sophisticated testing pipelines to fulfill your use cases
Can HyperExecute CLI download test artifacts generated during execution?
Yes, HyperExecute, can download the artifacts generated during the test execution. In addition, HyperExecute has APIs to download artifacts for a particular job.
Can I run performance tests with HyperExecute?
Though HyperExecute currently doesn’t have deep support for performance testing, nothing stops the users from running performance tests and HyperExecute will still orchestrate and run performance tests in parallel and provide the terminal logs like other tests.
Which regions does HyperExecute provide their testing infrastructure?
HyperExecute is available in more than 40 cloud availability regions across the globe. HyperExecute is supported by multiple hyper clouds which makes it available in most of the availability zones across the globe.

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