7 Proven Reasons to Switch To Microservices Architecture.

What is it?

Microservices architecture represents a paradigm shift from monolithic architecture. It decentralizes software development and allows agile methodologies to be applied, which speeds up testing and deployment.


It enables teams to build applications language best suited to that type of application, helping improve performance.


Microservices are infinitely scalable horizontally, thus allowing for more efficient scaling of components when required.

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Faster Deployment

Smaller, independent services can be developed and deployed faster.


Microservices allow for a more flexible approach to development, with services able to be developed, deployed, and scaled independently.


Microservices can be easily integrated with other systems, allowing for greater flexibility and potential for innovation.

Resource utilization

It can be deployed on the most appropriate infrastructure for the job, leading to better resource utilization.


By splitting into smaller components, the failure of one service does not bring down the entire system.

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