Follow this testing strategy for a successful mobile website!

Information gathering

The first step is to have in-depth information to create a roadmap and milestone setting.

Understand the challenges

Mobile website testing is more challenging! It has challenges like Device fragmentation, Screen size and OS fragmentation, Manufacturer fragmentation, Localization and Mobile network operators, and user mobility.

Defining the use case

With all the gathered information, define the use case that comprises the real-world scenarios that would help write better test scripts to yield quality results.

Points to consider

Factors to consider for orchestrating your testing process better.

Ensuring Cross-Browser Compatibility

Don't stick to popular browsers and devices. To scale your website reach, test combinations of operating systems and different screen resolutions

Test Now!


Categorize levels of testing, set the priority, and execute the testing strategy. It will help you scale up your testing.

Deciding tools

Set your goals, identify the challenges, and choose tools to simplify the testing process.

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