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Espresso Supported Capabilities

This document provide details about the features and capabilities supported for Espresso Framework on LambdaTest.

Capability NameData TypeDescription
appStringEnter the app id generated while uploading the app to the platform. Example:lt://APP123456789123456789
testSuiteStringEnter the test suite id generated while uploading the test suite to the platform. Example: lt://APP123456789123456789
deviceStringEnter the device name and os version in DeviceName-OSVersion format. Example: "device" : ["Galaxy S20-10","Pixel 3 XL-9"]
videoBooleanWhen you pass the video: true, it will generate the video for all the tests that are executed.
queueTimeoutIntegerTotal execution time of the build. Example: queueTimeout: 300. Maximum value is 10800
idleTimeoutIntegerEnter the time in seconds for maximum running time of a test in a build. Example: idleTimeout: 120
deviceLogBooleanTo generate the device logs, pass the value as deviceLog: true
buildStringTo set the Espresso build name. Example: build: My Espresso Build.
geoLocationStringSet the geolocation country code if you want to enable the same in your test. Example - geoLocation: FR
tunnel, tunnelNameBooleanTo activate the tunnel mode, pass the value as tunnel: true and provide the name of your tunnel as tunnelName: NewTunnel
disableAnimationBooleanSet this to true if you want to disable animations for espresso tests. Default: false
clearPackageDataBooleanSet this to true if you want to clear the app data after each test has completed running. Default: false
singleRunnerInvocationBooleanSet this to true if you want to execute test cases together with a single test runner invocation.This can help significantly speed up the test execution time. By default, each test case is invoked separately. Default: false

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