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Would I need to install a software or extension to use LambdaTest virtual machines?

No. You don't need to install any software or extension or plugin or setting configurations of any type. Just need to login to LambdaTest, open the virtual machine through launcher, and start testing. That's the beauty of cloud. It gets you started super quick.

Which operating systems, browsers, and browser versions are you providing for cross browser testing?

There are 3000+ browsers, browser versions, operating systems, devices, and resolutions to choose from. To find out about the complete list of available browsers, check out list of browsers page.

Are the sessions really running on real browsers or are they just emulators?

All desktop session right now are running on real browsers and operating system and are powered by real machines. Mobile browsers right now are running on both emulators/simulators as well as on real devices.

Why are you running Windows server edition? It is the same as Windows desktop edition?

Microsoft Windows Desktop Editions licences does not support remote access to users. So we use Windows Server editions and implement Desktop experience in it. It has exactly the same experience as Windows desktop editions and they are running Internet Explorers made for desktop editions.

How much time it takes LambdaTest to add new browser version when it's released?

Whenever a new stable browser version is released we usually implement it in our platform within a week. We also test them ourselves first before providing it to customers to make sure that testing experience is optimum for all users.

Are operating systems 32 bit or 64 bit?

Here are the operating systems and browsers running on 32 Bit Operating systems. Windows XP: Internet Explorer 8 , Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Windows 7: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Here are the operating system and browsers running on 64 Bit operating systems. Windows 7: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Windows 8: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Windows 10: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera All Mac Operating systems run on 64 Bit operating systems.

Which Rich Internet Applications (RIA) would be pre-installed in the browsers?

All our virtual machines comes with pre-installed latest versions of Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Reader, JAVA Runtime Environment, Microsoft Silverlight, and Quicktime.

Would I be able to use keyboard shortcuts like copy paste in remote desktops?

You would have full access to all keyboard shortcuts. For people using same operating systems on both their local computer and virtual machine won't have any problems. However people who are using Mac machines to access Windows VM or Windows machine to access Mac VM, would have to careful about OS specific shortcuts. For example when working on Mac OS, use Control Key instead of command key for copy pasting.

Would I be able to download and upload files in the remote browser?

Yes you can. You would have full access to download and upload functionalities. You can access Downloads folder through File - Open file, or Control+O shortcut. Be advised however, each downloaded file will be automatically erased on shutting down the sessions.

Would I be able to change browser settings?

You would have full access to all browsers settings. Be advised however, if you need very specific browser settings, you would have to re-configure browser settings on starting each new session.

I am not able to properly hear the sound in the virtual machine. What is happening?

For Chrome and Firefox browsers, you should be able to access audio streaming and therefore should be able to hear sounds properly. For mobile emulators, Internet Explorer, and Safari, we currently dont have support to provide you access to Audio. It's because of the inherent technology involved in these browsers. We are working on a workaround though so let's see.

How many simultaneous sessions can I start using one account?

In the free plan you can run only one session at a time. Paid plan users can run multiple sessions depending upon their plan. Visit LambdaTest Pricing page to checkout multiple session plans and their pricing.

It is showing 'Session Limit reached' error even though I am not running a session.

The number of sessions is limited by number of sessions running by a organization, not by user. Therefore it is entirely possible that you reach out of session limit even if only one or two users are using LambdaTest tool. Co-ordinate with your teammates in this case. If you are sure there is session issue from our end, you can raise a ticket at our support portal. Don't worry, we have a very fast turnaround time.

What happens when I leave the session idle?

By default, if you leave the Lamdatest Live session idle for 5 minutes, the app will prompt a reminder. If no action is taken then LambdaTest would close the live session. You can change this setting from Live settings options. Checkout this link to understand more about it.

What happens when I switch to another tab in my browser?

Switching tab won't stop or pause the Live session. If left idle for 5 minutes or more, LambdaTest will prompt a reminder and if unanswered will close the session.

When you give the machine to somebody else would they be able to access my history and saved passwords?

The moment you close the session, LambdaTest automatically sanitize the whole virtual machine. What that means is that we delete all historical data, downloads, installed extensions, saved passwords, etc. We reset the browsers to factory settings. This automatically logs you out of all pages and auto deletes all data that you may have saved. You would still have access to screenshots and issues you may have generated during the session.

Would i have to reset and re-configure browser settings everytime I create a new session?

Yes! Every time you close a session we would reset all settings. We are working on a way to help you change and save a set of customized default browser settings. If your need is critical and changing browser settings in each new session takes a lot of your time, send us a message from here. We will try to find a solution for you.

It is showing that my IP is blocked. Why did this happen? How do I unblock it?

There may be a number of reasons why this happened which include LambdaTest test flagged the IP for excessive spam registrations. LambdaTest flagged the IP for violating terms of use or privacy policy To prevent our system from spam or security threats If you think that your IP has been flagged erroneously, raise a ticket at our support centre.

It is showing parallel user limit reached. What does that mean?

LambdaTest test system allows only a limited number of concurrent running sessions per organization. This limit is defined by the plan that you have subscribed. If you need more concurrent sessions, you can change your plan, or contact one of our sales executive.

I found a bug and now I want to take a screenshot of the webpage running on LambdaTest real time browser. How can I do that? Where are they saved?

It's simple. In real time browser, on left side you will find multiple action buttons in the controller. One of them will be a screenshot button with camera icon. Just click that and in no time your screenshot will be recorded. Once recorded, an image editor will pop up where you can edit the screenshot, mark it as a bug and comment about the details. Lastly, you can find them anytime in test logs section of the menu.

How do I report the issue to my team? How can I check the issues created by my organization and team? And can I still report a bug if I am the only one in team?

By going to the Issue tracker, you can add your teammates as watchers for the particular issue and you can also assign them the issue by marking them as 'assignee'. Incase the team-mate is not added yet, you will also find an option in the tracker to invite them.