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ChromeOS Web Browser Testing

ChromeOS is a lightweight, Linux-kernel-based operating system designed for Chromebooks. It prioritizes speed, security, and manageability, with a focus on cloud-based applications and services. This makes it ideal for resource-constrained environments and cloud-centric workflows like ed-tech business.

With LambdaTest Real Time Web Browser Testing, you get access to a plenty of features that can help you to ease the browser testing process, without the need of leaving the instance window. From mark as bug and changing IP geolocation, to in-depth device logs and network logs, LambdaTest's real time web browser testing offers it all.

This document outlines how to leverage those specific features:

Device Controls

The Device Control feature allows you tp perform certain actions with your device within your current test session:

  • Volume : You can control the volume of your device.
  • Lock Device : You can lock or unlock your device in between the session.


The Screenshot feature allows you to take a screenshot of the current screen of the device that you are currently testing on. You can access the screenshots and even download them.

Record Session

The Record Session feature allows you to screen record the current test session. As you click on the button a timer would start running to indicate the recording time. You can click on the stop button to stop the video recording.

Mark as Bug

This feature allows you to mark any bug in your UI during the session. You can mark the bug in your UI via different shapes, texts and of different colors. You can also configure different project management tools with your session to create a ticket for the same.

You can also share that bug, save the image to the gallery or download that screenshot.

All screenshots and video recordings from test sessions are stored in the Gallery. To access, select Gallery from the left toolbar and you'll find the saved screenshots and videos. To download the screenshots or videos to your local machine, click on the Download icon. You can also mark them as bug by clicking on the Bug icon.

IP Geolocation

The IP Geolocation feature enables you to simulate website and mobile experiences from over 45 countries by using local IP addresses. This allows you to test localized features such as pricing, languages, and product offerings. With IP Geolocation enabled, you can verify that your app's traffic is coming from a specific country, allowing for comprehensive global testing.

Network Throttling

LambdaTest's network throttling feature empowers you to simulate real-world network conditions (2G, 3G, LTE) during testing. This allows you to assess your application performance under varying internet speeds, ensuring a seamless user experience across different network environments. You can leverage predefined network profiles or craft custom settings for comprehensive testing.


The projects feature allows you to track your existing test session in an existing project.


The settings section offer the following features:

  • Idle Timeout : This feature allows you to set the idle timeout for your test session. The default Idle Timeout is 5 minutes and the maximum limit is 60 minutes.
  • Time Zone : With this feature, you can select the time zone of your preferred region.
  • Keyboard Input With this feature, you can change the language in your test session for a more localized testing experience.


This feature allows you to switch between devices, browser and their OS versions without exiting your current test session.

End Session

By clicking on the end session button, you can close your current test session.

Test across 3000+ combinations of browsers, real devices & OS.

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