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ChromeOS App Testing

ChromeOS is a lightweight, Linux-kernel-based operating system. It prioritizes speed, security, and manageability, with a particular emphasis on cloud-based applications and services. This makes it ideal for resource-constrained environments and cloud-centric workflows, such as the ed-tech business.

With LambdaTest Real Time App Testing, you get access to a lots of features that can help you to ease the testing process. This document outlines how you can leverage the features like mark as bug, changing IP geolocation, in-depth device logs and network logs etc.

Device Controls

Provides programmatic access to manipulate the emulated ChromeOS device's state like adjust volume, lock or unlock the device.

App Controls

Offers programmatic control over installed apps within the emulator (e.g., install new app, kill the existing app, or uninstall the app).


Captures a static image of the current emulator screen for visual reference during testing.

Record Session

Records a video of user interactions within the emulator, enabling detailed bug reproduction and test case demonstration.

Mark as Bug

Facilitates efficient bug reporting by capturing a screenshot, optionally annotating it, and reporting it via your preferred integrated project management tool.

Acts as a centralized repository for all captured screenshots and recorded sessions from your testing sessions within the emulator, allowing easy access and management.

IP Geolocation

Simulates various geographical locations by spoofing the IP address, enabling testing of geo-restricted features or localized content.

Network Throttling

Emulates different network conditions (3G, 4G, custom network setup) to test app behavior under various bandwidth limitations, aiding in performance optimization.


Organizes your testing sessions within the LambdaTest platform by grouping them into projects for better manageability and collaboration.


Provides configuration options for the emulator environment, including the language settings, and timeout scenario.


Enables seamless switching between multiple emulated devices within the same project, streamlining your testing workflow.

End Session

Terminates the current emulator instance, freeing up resources and allowing you to start a fresh session with a clean slate.

Test across 3000+ combinations of browsers, real devices & OS.

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