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Automated Test Cases with AI

Test Manager enables the creation and management of automated test cases directly within its platform. This feature not only streamlines test case development but also integrates AI to auto-generate BDD Scenarios from automated test runs, further optimizing the management of testing activities.

Automated Linking of Automation Runs with Test Manager

  1. Initiate the automation script and once it completes, proceed to the automation dashboard. The automation test run will be visible.
  1. Open the Test Manager dashboard, and in the Projects section, you will find the LambdaTest Automation project automatically created.
  1. Upon opening the newly created project, the automatically generated test case title from the automation process will be visible.
  1. In the Test Case section, BDD Scenarios will be automatically visible in the Test Case that is created from the command logs of the linked automated test run.

Manual Linking of Automation Runs with Test Manager

  1. On the right side of the automation dashboard, there are two toggle buttons: one to open the Test Case and another to Unlink Test.
  1. To link a test case, click on Link Test Case. You can browse the test cases or add new test cases by clicking on Create new Test Case for your automation script.

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