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Creating your first Dashboard using Lambdatest Analytics

Pre-Requisites to use Lambdatest Analytics

The following are requirements:

  • Should be logged in to the Lambdatest application using your credentials. If account is not created, please create an new account here.
  • Have executed any tests on the Lambdatest Cloud Platform. (Optional)

Step 1: Navigate to Lambdatest Analytics

Once, logged in to the application, please navigate to or you can select Analytics from the sidebar navigation as well.

Step 2: Creating the dashboard

Now, you can select the available options to create the dashboard. Once, selected you will be able to select the required widgets according to the choice of your product for which you want to create the dashboard for.

Other Dashboard Options

You can also create a Demo Dashboard on choosing this option you can explore the platform with dummy data for exploring the dashboard and widgets supported by the platform.

Or you try using the Pre-built templates for quick dashboard creating for your required reports. To know more click here.

Step 3: Adding the required widgets

Now, you select any widget you want to be added to the dashboard from the available list. You can filter by product and by category.


Add Dashboard Name of your choice, according to the report which needs to be created. Then, click on the Create New Dashboard button and you're done!


Your dashboard is ready to start Analyzing the data of all your tests which are executed using the Lambdatest Cloud platform.


You can add more widgets of the same type to your dashboard multiple times and also edit the layout of the dashboard according to your configuration.

Explore More Dashboard Features

  • Share the Dashboard with a public or a private link with your team - Read More
  • Exporting the Dashboard as a PDF - Read More