Write Your First Automation Script In Just 20 Mins!

What Is The Need For Automation?

In today’s world, testing can not be efficient without automation. We need automation for avoiding repetitive work, making sure that the time from development to deployment is reduced with good quality. In order to achieve these, we need reliable automation tests and regression suite. Manual test(s) should just support automation for feature/product testing and release not vice-versa.

We need good, quality automation tests, not just automation tests. We need tests which are reliable, robust, easy to code, debug, scale and can run in parallel on distributed environment.

How do I write my first UI test?

One love for Selenium! Isn’t it ?
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Loadable Components In Selenium: Make Your Test Robust For Slow Loading Web Pages

Being in automation testing for the last 10 years I have faced a lot of problems. Recently I was working on a selenium automation project and in that project everything was going fine until I faced a most common but difficult problem. How to make sure that my selenium automation testing work fine even for slow loading web pages. A quick google and browsing through forums highlighted that this is a problem that testers are facing for many past years. If you too have faced it then yes, this article is there to help you from my personal experience. Continue Reading

Why Software Testing Is Necessary?- Infographic

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Automating The Acceptance Tests For Mobile Apps

From October 2016 to November 2017, Android released 4 major versions and iOS released 9 major updates. Its very good for users but it is problematic for developers and absolute hell for testers. One such problem testers face because of fast release cycles is Acceptance Testing.

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What Happens When You Use Virtualization In Software Testing?

If a decade ago, someone would have given you a software and asked you to find out if it is working properly or not on all the operating systems and browsers available then you would have used only one available method. Set up hundreds of computers with every possible combination of operating systems, browser, and browser versions, and then perform the testing of the software. But with the advancements in technology and softwares, this task has been simplified to leaps and bounds. One of such technology that allows you to test software on a localized platform is Virtualization.

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Automating Testing: A Backbone To DevOps

There are two wheels in any software development organization: Development and Operations. They both go hand in hand and for the smooth running of both processes, it’s necessary that they run in complete sync and co-ordination. Now to ensure that there is no lingering between operation and software development processes like design, build, test, and deployment, all these teams have to be on the same page in terms of speed and integration. So all these development processes must attune.

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Why Automation Testing Is Important In Agile Development?

There have been continuous advancements in Software development technologies. When talking about software development methods one can simply not ignore the role which testing plays in software development.Therefore in order to maintain pace with latest software development technologies testing needs to be done faster than development.

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Machine Learning for Automation Testing

The goals we are trying to achieve here by using Machine Learning for automation in testing is to dynamically write new test cases based on user interactions by data-mining their logs and their behavior on the application / service for which tests are to be writing, live validation so that in case if an object is modified or removed or some other change like “modification in spelling” such as done by most of the IDE’s in the form of Intelli-sense like Visual Studio or Eclipse. Continue Reading

What is Codeless Automation Testing and why it is the Future!

Testing has always been a bane of product development cycle. In an era where a single software bug can cause massive financial losses, quality assurance testing is paramount for any software product no matter how small or how big. Continue Reading

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