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Error Messages During Test Execution

Below is a list of various error messages that may happen during test execution.

Authentication Error At The Time of Test Execution#

This happens due to Username or Access Key passed by you is missing or invalid.

How To Resolve?#

  1. Go to LambdaTest Automation Dashboard.
  2. Click on the key icon at the right top of the dashboard.
  3. Copy username and access key.

Max duration exceeded an error#

The test was terminated because it exceeded the maximum duration allowed. (default is 1800 seconds).

Possible Cause:#

This might be caused by several issues:

  • Your test is too long. A single test case may be composed of multiple tests.
  • Test stucks in the endless loop, where test keeps sending commands.

Possible Solution:#

  • Consider breaking up your test into smaller, atomic tests.
  • You can use the maxDuration desired capability option to indicate how long you want to wait for your test to complete.
  • In your test check for endless loops.

Test Cancellation โ€“ Status: Error#

When a test is placed under a queue but gets cancelled before execution.

Possible Cause:#

This might occur due to various reasons:

  • The connection between the local machine of the user and LambdaTest cloud server is aborted.
  • High latency may also lead your test script to test cancellation.
  • User cancels the test manually after placing it in queue.

Exceeded Queue Limit Error#

Your test runner started a new test on LambdaTest, but then closed the connection before we could make a new test session available.

Possible Cause:#

This might occur due to several things:

  • Client timeout with browser tests. Please make sure to set the connection timeout in your test runner/framework high enough, as old browsers take a while to start up. It would be best to wait for at least a couple minutes.
  • You might be running too many tests at once. If you're exceeding the total number of concurrent test limit, we still queue the tests as per your plan. If this queueing takes too long, your test runner might disconnect before the test started.

Possible Solutions:#

  • Increase the connection timeout setting in your test runner/framework. For example, for WebdriverIO, you can set connectionRetryTimeout: 210000.
  • Make sure you're not exceeding the total allowed concurrent test limit as per LambdaTest Automation plan you're subscribed to.

Lambda Error#

There are times when you may encounter Lambda Error stating the below message.

Lambda Error: Uh Oh! Looks like our Grid failed to recognize your test input.

Possible Cause:#

There could be numerous reasons behind this error messages. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Infrastructure Unavailability: In case of too many incoming requests, sometimes our cloud server may fail to allocate a VM as per your request.

  • Incorrect Data Type for Desired Capabilities: If you send a string input for an integer data type capability then you may encounter Lambda Error.

  • Excessive web-traffic spikes may also lead to Lambda Error.

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