LambdaTestAutomation Testing ● Executing Tesbo Test Automation Script Over Online Selenium Grid

Executing Tesbo Test Automation Script Over Online Selenium Grid

Tesbo is a hybrid framework for test automation that works on a keyword-driven approach. It allows you to write automation scripts in plain English like you’d do with a BDD framework. Built on top of Selenium, Tesbo helps you to perform cross browser testing over a Selenium Grid in parallel.

This document will help you run Tesbo automation scripts over online Selenium Grid offered by LambdaTest. That way, you could execute your Tesbo test builds on 2000+ real browsers for desktop & mobile over a cloud-based Selenium infrastructure.

Tesbo can help you run automation testing through all programming languages that supports Selenium. All you need to do is write your test files in plain english and define the capabilities in a config.json file. Let’s get started.


All the code samples in this documentation can be found in the Tesbo LambdaTest Repository on GitHub. You can either download or clone the repository to quickly run your tests.

  • You would need Java development environment i.e. JDK 1.6 or higher. We recommend using the latest version.
  • An IDE(Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse or IntelliJ.

Running The Tesbo Test Automation Script On Online Selenium Grid

After you download or clone the repository for LambdaTest Tesbo Demo, you will find the test folder which would have your test files by the name CheckBox.tests & FormsAndList.tests. Here are these test files.

Now that you have your test scripts ready with you, a few edits to the config.json is all that is required to run your test files over LambdaTest Selenium Grid. Let’s have a look at these edits.

Step 1: You need to specify the Selenium Address in you config.json that would point your tests over to the Hub URL of LambdaTest Selenium Grid. Your Selenium Address would be:

Step 2: In your config.json there is a config called “IsGrid“. By default, IsGrid is set to false, make sure you set it as true.

Step 3: Define your desired capabilities. By defining your desired capabilities, you are informing the LambdaTest Selenium Grid about the configurations over which you wish your test automation script to run. You can take help from LambdaTest Selenium Desired Capabilities Generator to fetch the capabilities class.

selenium capabilities

Here is the complete config.json.

That’s it. Now just hit the run button and you will find your test automation scripts running over the LambdaTest Selenium Grid.

Performing Parallel Testing With Online Selenium Grid

You can leverage parallel testing to run multiple tests at the same time. To run parallel testing with Tesbo
you need to specify the count of parallel test in the config.json & set the parallel status to true.

Now, if you wish to perform cross browser testing using the same script over different browsers in parallel then you need to define more capabilities in the config.json. Let’s run the same script on 3 different browsers, simultaneously. We will run the script on Google Chrome 81 & Mozilla Firefox 76 on Windows 10. For macOS, we will take Safari 13.

Here is the new config.json to run parallel testing with Tesbo & LambdaTest.

That was all you need to know for running Tesbo automation scripts over LambdaTest Selenium Grid. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to share them with out 24/7 customer chat support or by mailing us to [email protected]. Happy testing!!! 🙂