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TAS Cloud Demo

In this section we will explain how you can setup a sample repo on TAS Cloud and run your first test execution job.

Step 1

  1. Fork any one of our sample repos into your GitHub account. Sample repos : Mocha, Jest, Jasmine.

  2. Create an account or Login by visiting TAS Login Page. (Or TAS Home Page)

    Forking the repo and making account

Step 2

  1. After login, select your organisation and continue with TAS Cloud.
  2. Import the same sample repository on the TAS Portal that you have forked earlier.
  3. Now its time to configure your .tas.yml. For this demo repo .tas.yml file is already present 👍, therefore just proceed to Step 3 below.

Select mode and post-merge

Step 3

  1. On the bottom left corner click Already have a .tas.yml and read the instructions.
  2. In order make a commit open the readme file, make some changes (you can make any changes as we just have to do a dummy commit) and commit them directly to the master branch.
  3. Go back to the portal and click on Understood to proceed further.
  4. You should see a new job under queued or initiating status on your TAS portal.

Select mode and post-merge

Congratulations 🎉
You have successfully initiated your first job. Once this job finishes you should be able to see the test results for this job.