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What is TAS?

TAS is an intelligent test execution platform for engineering teams to test smarter, release faster. It intelligently interprets & runs only a subset of the test pool which is relevant to the latest commit, leading to shorter build durations, and faster feedback on code changes.

Why is TAS needed?

Development teams don’t know what subset of test cases were impacted by their latest code changes. Hence, teams keep executing all the tests every time in every build which is pointless and just leads to Clogged Pipelines, Low Productivity, Slow Release Cycles & wasting Expensive Resources.

TAS enables developers and engineering leaders to accelerate their testing, reduce build times up to 95% & gain actionable visibility into their test cases.

How it works?

TAS understands the dependencies in a codebase by executing the whole test pool in the first iteration and then uses the stored information to accelerate the subsequent builds.

For subsequent changes, our smart test engine analyses the code changes and intelligently selects only a subset of the test suite that requires execution. This drastically reduces the testing time making frequent testing more feasible. TAS enables development teams to test smarter, release faster.

TAS automatically detects new tests and tests that were updated and aligns them for execution along with other test cases that were impacted due to certain code changes. Resulting in execution of a smaller subset of tests instead of the whole test pool.

All the tests executed every timeOnly a subset of tests executed
Clogged CI/CD pipelinesAccelerated Pipelines from dev to release
Long waiting for feedback on code changesFaster feedback on code changes
Slower release cyclesShorter release cycles. High development velocity
We ❤️ Open Source.

TAS Cloud is free for Open source & educational projects. Includes hosting and smart features.

Getting Started

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