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Creating an Account

In order to get started with the TAS Platform you need to create an account first.

Setting up a New Account

In order to setup a new account, visit TAS Login Page. (Or TAS Home Page).

  1. Login using the suitable Git Provider.
  2. Select your organization on the next step that you want to continue with.

    If you are using Github and you can't see your organization

    • Click on Can’t see your git organization?.
    • This will redirect you to Github app installation page.
    • Select the organization that you want to integrate with TAS and click on Install & Authorize.
  3. Tell us your specialization, team size and hit Proceed.
  4. Select Test at Scale Mode. Learn more

Congratulations! Your free account is ready now.

Selecting Test at Scale Mode

​TAS comes in two modes, you can select how you want to use it for your selected organisation.

  1. TAS Cloud - You can get started right away on our cloud. No technical setup or installation required. (Recommended)

    ❤️ TAS Cloud is free for Open source & educational projects. Including hosting and smart features.

  2. TAS - Self Hosted - You need to setup TAS on your own workstation or cloud. Basic installation & configuration required.

NOTE: If any team member from your organisation has already signed up on TAS and selected a TAS mode, you will not be asked to select it again. The selected mode would be linked to your organisation and can not be modified or reverted later.

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