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Testing Locally Hosted Apps For App Automation

Using the LambdaTest tunnel, you can test locally and privately hosted apps across various real Android and iOS devices on the LambdaTest Appium test automation platform. LambdaTest tunnel uses protocols like Web Socket, HTTPS, SSH (Secure Shell) and more to let you build a secure and unique tunnel connection between your local system and LambdaTest cloud servers.

In this documentation, learn how to configure LambdaTest tunnel to test locally or privately hosted apps while performing mobile app automation.

To test apps locally, you will need to configure:

  1. Connection with LambdaTest tunnel.

  2. Test scripts to run via LambdaTest tunnel.

Setting Up Connection With LambdaTest Tunnel

Shown below are the steps to configure the connection with LambdaTest tunnel.

  1. Download the binary file based on your operating system.
  1. Extract the downloaded binary file.

  2. Navigate to the Command Prompt and point to the directory/folder where you extracted the binary file.

  3. Run the below command in the terminal.

./LT --user {user's login email} --key {user's access key} --tunnelName {user's tunnel name}

Configuring Test Scripts

After configuring the connection with LambdaTest tunnel, you will need to set the capability tunnel to True.

KeyValuesDescriptionDesired Capability
tunneltrue/falseConfigure the tunnel"tunnel" : True,

You can also add the tunnel capability using LambdaTest Capability Generator.

In case you have any questions or need any additional information, drop them at our 24X7 Chat Support or mail us directly at