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White-listing Proxy With LambdaTest

If you are accessing the internet through a firewall-protected network then you may face an issue in connecting with LambdaTest. You may encounter the below error messages:

In such scenarios, you may need to whitelist LambdaTest domain. Whitelisting is a process which conveys your firewall-protected network to allow access for a set of IP addresses, IP range, or an entire domain trusted by you. Whitelisting is a security procedure to help users access a website or web-app which is considered to be non-malicious by their network security team.

You can relay the below domain to your network security team, asking them to whitelist it so you could connect with LambdaTest from your firewall protected network.

TCP80, 443, 22All LambdaTest Clients*

In case of any queries or special request related to whitelisting, just give us a shout.