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Analytics Modules

Error Insights

The Error Insights module enables the users to get all the insights into the test errors on LambdaTest in one place. The user can easily find information about the count, and type of the test errors through the highly customizable widgets.

Error Stats


The Error Stats widget allows the user to easily analyze the tests categorized by their Status on the LambdaTest platform including Test Case Errors, Idle Timeout, Queue Timeout, and Lambda Error. The user can even filter the graph by clicking on the relevant legends at the bottom of the graph.

Use case

John is a QA Manager, and his team runs more than 50,000 tests in a month across various LambdaTest products like Web Automation, App Automation, and HyperExecute.

John wants to understand the error distribution of the executed tests on the platform. With the Error Stats widget he can identify the list of tests that have a particular error and resolve them.