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Build Creation

Builds are instrumental in the execution and evaluation of test plans. From their creation to the assignment and attachment of test evidence, builds streamline the testing process, ensuring a comprehensive and well-documented approach to software validation.

Creating a build in Test Manager is an important step that helps test plan from the planning stage to execution. This process involves specifying a unique build name and associating it with a set of test cases and configurations, setting the stage for a structured testing effort through a user-friendly interface.

Steps for Creating a Build

  1. Create a build for the test plan by clicking the Create Build button in the test plan section. Alternatively, navigate to the builds section and click on Create Build.
  1. Choose the test plan that will be executed as part of this build and enter relevant information such as Build Name, Tag(s), and select Create.
  1. The build is now created. Enter details to mark status for various credentials such as Status and Assignee.

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