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Integrating Your First Repository

Once you have selected your setup mode, you are ready for the next step of setting up your repositories in TAS. ​

  • For TAS Cloud - You will see your repositories immediately after selecting TAS Cloud as your setup mode therefore can directly start following the 3 steps given below.
  • For TAS - Self Hosted - First you need to configure your self-hosted environments (see configuration steps), before you can start with the following steps to setup your repositories.

Step 1 - Integrating the repositories

  • On the page where you see all of your repositories.
  • Click the Import button for the repository you want to integrate with TAS.
  • Once Imported Successfully, Click on Go to Project to proceed further.

Note: You need admin rights to integrate a repo with TAS. In case you do not have admin rights to a repository, you will not be able to import and integrate that project with TAS.

Step 2 - Post-merge settings

In this step, you need to set the post-merge settings for your repository. The post-merge setting defines when should TAS initiate a post-merge job (a test execution job that will be initiated every time a PR is merged into a branch).

You need to define two things here:

  1. Activate Post-merge jobs on - the branch name for which you want to run post-merge jobs.
  2. Initiate a Post-merge job for every - the number of commits after which you want to initiate a post-merge job automatically.

Import Repository

TIP: We recommend to use the default settings of All branches and 1 Commit, these can be changed later from the repository settings section.

Step 3 - Configuring the .tas.yml

Preparing the file

Once done with the post-merge settings, you will be navigated to .tas.yml configuration page. The .tas.yml file should contain all the necessary steps that are required to execute tests on the TAS Platform.

This step remains same for both TAS Cloud and TAS - Self Hosted modes. You can begin with our sample configuration file and parameters given alongside on the TAS yml configuration page.

The three main parameters that need to be configured for successful execution are:

  • framework : The name of the specify testing framework you are using.
  • preRun : Shell commands executed inside the root level of your git repository before running the tests.
  • postMerge : The glob patterns for the test cases that you want to execute in the post-merge jobs.

A detailed list of all the configuration parameters can be found here.

Import Repository

Adding the file to your project

Once you have prepared the configuration file, place this file correctly inside your repo using the steps mentioned below:

  1. In your master branch, create a new file as .tas.yml at the root level of your repository .
  2. Copy the configuration from the TAS yml configuration page and paste them in the .tas.yml file you just created.
  3. Commit and Push the changes to your repo.


  1. Download the configuration file you have created on the TAS yml configuration page.
  2. Rename it to .tas.yml, as it needs to be dotfile. Place it at the root level of your repository.
  3. Commit and Push the changes to your master branch.

Import Repository

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