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Applitools Integration With LambdaTest

Applitools offers a cloud-based platform to help you perform AI powered, end-to-end visual testing, and monitoring. The platform is designed to make life easier for automation testers by delivering a flexible way to integrate their test scripts directly, without worrying about learning a new language or creating a new automation script.

LambdaTest integration with Applitools will help you perform automated cross browser testing on more than 2000 real browsers running on real operating systems, hosted on a cloud-based Selenium Grid. You can execute your automation test script on LambdaTest Selenium Grid directly from your Applitools instance.

In this topic, you will learn about the:

  • Prerequisites for integrating LambdaTest with Applitools.
  • Running your first test on LambdaTest Selenium Grid from Applitools.
  • Test your locally hosted applications on LambdaTest from Applitools.

Prerequisites To Integrate LambdaTest With Applitools

  • LambdaTest Authentication Credentials
  • Be aware of your LambdaTest authentication credentials i.e. your LambdaTest username, access key and HubURL. You need to set them up as your environment variables. You can retrieve them from your LambdaTest automation dashboard by clicking on the key icon near the help button.

    • For Linux/Mac:
    • For Windows:
  • Applitools API Key
  • You can find your Applitools API key by logging into your Applitools account and going to your Profile > My API Key.
    In your terminal or CMD, you need to export the Applitools API key along with LambdaTest Credentials.

    • For Linux/Mac:
    • For Windows:
  • Global Dependencies
    • Make sure you have Java installed in your operating system.
    • Download and install Maven Apache.
  • Install Maven dependencies using the below command.

Run Your First Test On LambdaTest Selenium Grid From Applitools

Below is a code to run a demo test on LambdaTest Selenium Grid from Applitools.

Important: You can clone the below code from our GitHub repository for LambdaTest Integration with Applitools.

Once you have cloned the above code, you need to execute the below command to trigger the test on LambdaTest Selenium Grid.

Watch the execution of the demo test on LambdaTest Automation Dashboard.

Test Your Locally Hosted Applications On LambdaTest From Applitools

You can test your locally hosted or privately hosted projects with LambdaTest Selenium grid cloud using LambdaTest Tunnel app. All you would have to do is set up an SSH tunnel using LambdaTest Tunnel app, and pass toggle tunnel = True via desired capabilities. LambdaTest Tunnel establishes a secure SSH protocol based tunnel that allows you in testing your locally hosted or privately hosted pages, even before they are made live.

Refer our LambdaTest Tunnel documentation for more information.

Download latest LambdaTest Tunnel binary file and extract it.

To run your Applitools automation script for locally hosted web applications on LambdaTest Selenium Grid, you would need to set the Tunnel Capability flag to true.

Important Note:

Some Safari & IE browsers, doesn’t support automatic resolution of the URL string “localhost”. Therefore if you test on URLs like “http://localhost/” or “http://localhost:8080” etc, you would get an error in these browsers. A possible solution is to use “” or replace the string “localhost” with machine IP address. For example if you wanted to test “http://localhost/dashboard” or, and your machine IP is you can instead test on “” or “”.

Got Questions?
Feel free to give us a shout on our 24/7 in-app customer chat support. You can even mail to [email protected]. Happy Testing! 🙂