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How To Set The Open File Limit While Using LambdaTest Tunnel?

If you are using a tunnel service with LambdaTest for cross browser testing then you may get the following warning.

File descriptor limit is too low! Increase your limit to at least 2000.

This warning is sent across to help you avoid a lack of available file handles. If this warning is ignored for a long time then you might have issues connecting your tunnel with LambdaTest. This would also be reflected in the LambdaTest logs if you fail to connect your tunnel with LambdaTest. The logs would be reflecting the below error message.

accept tcp accept: too many open files.

We recommend that you expand the open file limit to 2000 for a seamless browser testing experience.

How To Expand The Open File Limit Using macOS/Linux?

You can increase the open file limit either temporarily or permanently for your profile. In case of temporary modification, your profile settings will be restored once the terminal is shut down.

Increasing The Open File Limit Temporarily

Step 1: Gain Sudo rights and run the below command to set the open file limit to 2000.

ulimit -SHn 2000


Note: If your system is capable of handling a higher limit then please feel free to set the limit above 2000. However, 2000 is the minimum recommendation.

Step 2: Next, we need to verify if the setting are modified by running the below command.

ulimit -n

Step 3: Restart the tunnel and you’re ready to go!

Increasing The Open File Limit Permanently

Step 1: You would have to edit the profile settings and set the file limit in the your .profile or .bashrc file. Add the below command in your .profile or .bashrc file.

ulimit -SHn 2000

Step 2: Execute source ~/.bash_profile or .bashrc or the profile you're using.

Step 3: Run the command ulimit -n to verify if the setting are modified.

Step 4: Restart the tunnel and you're ready to go!