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Test Locally Hosted Web Pages

LambdaTest Tunnel is a secure and encrypted tunneling feature that allows devs and QAs to test their locally hosted web applications or websites on the cloud-based real machines. It establishes a secure connection between the user’s local machine and the real machine in the cloud.

There are multiple connectivity options like SSH (port 22 or 443), TCP- port 443. Tunnel Binary performs network scanning and selects the best mode if not explicitly specified.

TestNG HyperExecute Terminal Logs

Why to Use LambdaTest Tunnel?

LambdaTest Tunnel offers numerous benefits for web developers, testers, and QA professionals. These include secure and encrypted connection, cross-browser compatibility testing, localhost testing, etc.

  • Secured and Encrypted : It provides a secure and encrypted connection between your local machine and the virtual machines in the cloud, thereby ensuring the privacy of your test data and online communications.
  • Cost Effective : With LambdaTest Tunnel, you can test your web applications or websites, local folder, and files across a wide range of browsers and operating systems without setting up complex and expensive local testing environments.
  • Test on Real Environment : It lets you test your locally hosted web applications or websites on cloud-based real OS machines. You can even run accessibility tests on desktop browsers while testing locally hosted web applications and pages.

How to Connect LambdaTest Tunnel?

LambdaTest Tunnel Guide

Test across 3000+ combinations of browsers, real devices & OS.

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