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Troubleshooting Lambda Tunnel

Lambda Tunnel helps in establishing an SSH connection between your local machine and our cloud servers to help you perform tests on locally hosted websites and web-apps. With Lambda Tunnel, you can ensure how robust your website rendering is across 2000+ real browsers, even before you make it live on the internet.
If due to some unfortunate reason, you are unable to perform cross browser testing using Lambda Tunnel then this document will help you troubleshoot the most common challenges.

Tunnel Not Connecting

  • Make sure you have whitelisted LambdaTest IP & port 22 isn’t blocked.
  • Verify if your network is able to connect with Lambda Tunnel by ping to the below command.
  • To debug the issue, you need to execute the below command.

Localhost Not Reachable

This issue is much prominent with Internet explorer, Edge and Safari browsers.

  • If you want to access the localhost web app through Lambda Tunnel then make sure to use “” or enter the IP address of the local system in the URL field for avoiding any issue.

  • If you want to access the web app running on the public or private server then you need to enter the IP address of the public or private server where your web app is running.
  • If the IP address does not work then you may need to do some entries into the etc/host file as follows.

    For Mac & Linux

    Step 1:Run the below command in the terminal.

    Step 2:then need to add.

    For Windows User

    You need to do same changes in 

  • If Tunnel is not working with localhost for Angular apps you need to append this command ng serve --host --disable-host-check 
  • You can also check out this link for better understanding.

Connection Refused

If you are facing the same error as displayed in the above image(Dail: tcp Connection refused) then It implies that the traffic is reachable to Lambda tunnel, however, the URL entered is not able to reach out to localhost through the SSH tunnel.

In case if you are facing any other issue, just give us a shout and we will be happy to help. 🙂