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HypEx-GUI﹕Effortless Setup and Execution for Automated Tests

HyperExecute currently requires writing YAML files and using specific CLI commands to trigger tests. This process can be a hurdle if you are new to YAML or unfamiliar with the specific flags and functionalities supported by HyperExecute.

The HypEx-GUI simplifies test execution by providing a user-friendly graphical interface. This eliminates the need to write YAML files or memorize complex commands, saving you time and effort.

NOTE : Currently we only support TestNG framework.

Steps to trigger your tests using the HypEx-GUI

Step 1: Download and Install the Underpass App

Download the HypEx-GUI installer from the LambdaTest dashboard and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Step 2: Login and Project Selection

Launch the HypEx-GUI and log in using your existing LambdaTest credentials. If you're new, start your free trial. The application will display a list of your existing projects.

After signing in, you will have to upload your desired TestNG project from your local system.


Step 3: Project Details and Analysis

The HypEx-GUI will automatically analyze your test scripts to detect whether you are using a suitable framework or not. It will then check all the dependencies required to execute your project.

Now click on the Proceed button.

Step 4: Test Discovery and Selection

The HypEx-GUI will automatically discover all the test cases within your project and display them in a list. You can easily select individual tests, an entire test project, or a group of suites to execute based on your needs.

Step 5: Test Execution Configuration

After selecting the necessary tests, you will have to to configure your project by specifying the OS, concurrency (number of tests to run simultaneously), retry on failure, and a job label for easy identification to execute on the HyperExecute dashboard.

To understand in detail what these configurations are, you can go through our HyperExecute YAML documentation.

Step 6: Run the Tests

Click on the "Run Test" button to start the test execution. Click on the "View Job" button to get redirected to the HyperExecute dashboard.

Monitor and View Results

The HypEx-GUI displays the job logs in real-time as your tests run. Once complete, you can view the detailed test results in the HyperExecute Dashboard.

Test across 3000+ combinations of browsers, real devices & OS.

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