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Getting Started with HyperExecute

HyperExecute is a smart test orchestration platform to run end-to-end tests at the fastest speed possible. HyperExecute lets you achieve an accelerated time to market by providing a test infrastructure that offers optimal speed, test orchestration, and detailed execution logs.

The overall experience helps teams test code and fix issues at a much faster pace. HyperExecute is configured using a YAML file. Instead of moving the Hub close to you, HyperExecute brings the test scripts close to the Hub!

Note: You can learn more about the HyperExecute portal and UI by going through our Guided Walkthrough page. It contains all the relevant information that you need to optimise your testing process with HyperExecute.

Check out LambdaTest HyperExecute on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Learn more about HyperExecute

Languages and frameworks supported by HyperExecute Grid

Note: We are preparing documentation for more frameworks. If you want us to prioritize documentation of your preferred framework then feel free to give us a shout.