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Key Features Of HyperExecute

HyperExecute provides you with the tools that you need to run your tests at the fastest speeds possible.

Industry Leading Features

In addition to all of the core features that LambdaTest cloud provides to your tests (for example: detailed logs, smart CI features, network insights, video recording, access to browsers & platforms on the cloud), HyperExecute takes a step forward to improve your experience. It supports all programming languages and major test automation frameworks.

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Test Splitting and Multiplexing

Use Smart Auto Split Strategy, Matrix Strategy or Hybrid Strategy modes to split and execute tests as per your requirements.

Detailed Test Reports and Logs

Get a detailed test report for every job and stream the terminal logs in real time to understand everything that happened with your test.


Run your jobs faster or fail them quickly to receive instant feedback and save your test time.

Jobs Prioritization

Label the jobs that you want to run first on HyperExecute by giving them a higher priority.

Test Artifact Management

HyperExecute also manages all of your test artifacts and provides you with the option to implement smart workflows on your test code without modifying it.

AI Powered Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis and Error Classification features in HyperExecute to view different kinds of errors and directly land on corrective measures or fixes.

Background Services

Triggers long-running Application Servers tasks like running WebApps or Databases and generates the logs report in the Dashboard.

Auto Healing

Auto Healing Feature allows you to automatically rеcovеr from cеrtain typеs of failurеs during thе еxеcution of your tеst scripts.


Setup your custom projects using HyperExecute GUI itself and initiate the tests execution from the platform only.

Jobs Archiving

Jobs Archiving allows you to archive the non important jobs so that you and your team can focus only on required ones.

Smart Workflows

Schedule your tests smartly on the HyperExecute to perform the tests automatically at the scheduled day, date and time.

Test Muting

Mute scenarios that have been continuously failing for a pre-defined number of times, ignore expected failures, achieve better runtimes and faster feedback on the executed Jobs.


HyperExecute is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can use HyperExecute in more than 60 regions that are supported by Microsoft Azure.


To ensure that your testing environment can be optimised, HyperExecute provides you with multiple Integrations, such as:

Go through the Integrations page to know more about the myriad of options that HyperExecute provides.


HyperExecute prioritises the safety and security of your data above everything else. The entirety of your data is encrypted for the entire duration of your testing lifecycle. HyperExecute is compliant with the industry leading security standards offering you:

  • Data Encryption and Compliance : HyperExecute prioritizes data safety through full encryption, adhering to industry standards like (SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA).

  • Dedicated Proxy Server Option : Ensure secure connections by utilizing dedicated proxy servers for your testing activities.

  • Automatic Tunnel Management : Maintain data security for private websites with automatic tunnel management through Network Address Translation (NAT) instances.


For enterprises that want to keep everything behind their own firewalls, HyperExecute comes with private cloud facilities. You can set up your own cloud runners and storage which ensures that no data leaves your organisation’s firewalls.

You can use HyperExecute’s Quickstart feature to run your first test, and go through our Concepts page to understand the ins and out of HyperExecute.

Frequently asked questions about HyperExecute Features.