LambdaTestTesting Locally Hosted Pages ● LambdaTest Tunnel Modifiers

LambdaTest Tunnel Modifiers

LambdaTest Tunnel provides several command-line arguments that you can leverage to define LambdaTest Tunnel parameters. You can pass command-line arguments to either a ‘config’ file or an environment variable. It is recommended to use the latest version of LambdaTest tunnel binary to ensure compatibility with variables.

This document will help you understand all the modifiers/arguments used with LambdaTest Tunnel to help you test your locally hosted web pages.

––bypassHosts Comma separated list of hosts to bypass from tunnel. These will be routed via internet. String
––callbackURL Callback URL for tunnel status. String
-c ––config Path of the config file to use String
-d ––dir Specify the Local Directory that will be server by a file server on port 33000 String
––dns Comma Separated List of DNS Servers String
––egress-only Uses proxy settings only for outbound requests. N/A
-e ––env The environment on which the LambdaTest Tunnel will run. String
-h ––help Help for the LambdaTest Tunnel N/A
––infoAPIPort Exposes Tunnel Info API At The Specified Port Integer
––ingress-only Routes Only Incoming Traffic Via The Proxy Specified N/A
-k ––key LambdaTest Access Key. String
-l ––load-balanced Activates Load Balancing for LambdaTest Tunnel N/A
––logFile Location of the LambdaTest Tunnel Log File String
-m ––mitm Enable the MITM(Man-in-the-middle) mode for LambdaTest Tunnel N/A
––mode Specifies in which mode tunnel should run [ssh,ws]. (default “ssh”) String
––no-proxy Comma separated list of hosts to bypass proxy when using tunnel. String
––pidfile Path Of Pidfile, Where Process ID will Be Written String
-p ––port Port for LambdaTest Tunnel to activate. Integer
––proxy-host Specifies the Tunnel Proxy Port hostname. String
––proxy-pass Specifies the Tunnel Proxy Port password. String
––proxy-port Specifies the port number where Tunnel proxy will activate. Integer
––proxy-user Specifies the Tunnel Proxy Port username String
-s ––shared-tunnel Sharing Tunnel Among Team Members N/A
––sshConnType Specify type of ssh connection (over_22, over_443, over_ws).
To use –sshConnType, specify ––mode ssh flag first.
-n ––tunnelName Specifies the custom LambdaTest Tunnel name to be used. String
-u ––user LambdaTest Username. String
-v ––verbose Should Every Proxy Request Be Logged To Stdout N/A
––version Displays the installed version for LambdaTest Tunnel N/A