LambdaTestReal Time Testing ● Lambda Tunnel Modifiers

Lambda Tunnel Modifiers

This document will help you understand all the modifiers/arguments used with Lambda Tunnel to help you test your locally hosted web pages.

LambdaTest Access key of the user.
(optional) Local port to connect tunnel.
Full hostname for the proxy you’d like to use.
WonderProxy password of the user.
The port declared by you for fetching the proxy.
WonderProxy username of the user.
LambdaTest Username of the User.
Config File Path
Specifies Controlling Environment For Tunnel Possible Value: [Standalone, Jenkins, Circleci,npm]
Used To Run CUI Mode
Custom SSH Host To Use For Debugging
Custom SSH Post To Use For Debugging
Custom SSH Private Key To Use For Debugging
Custom SSH User To Use For Debugging
Lambda Directory Path
Comma Seperated List of DNS Servers
Emulates Google Chrome While Establishing Tunnel Connection
Exposes Tunnel Info API At The Specified Port
Routes Only Incoming Traffic Via The Proxy Specified
Comma Seperated List Of Local Domains
Location Of Tunnel Log File
Force Tunnel To Run In Polling Mode
Print Used Config On Console As Json
Path Of Pac File
Path Of Pidfile, Where Process ID will Be Written
Server Address
Sharing Tunnel Among Team Members
Tunnel Name
Should Every Proxy Request Be Logged To Stdout
Show The Tunnel Version