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Real Devices Integration with HyperExecute

Till now you have executed your test scripts on the Real Device Automation. This Document will not only explain to you about how to use Real Devices on HyperExecute but also the superpower you just unlocked with HyperExecute - Test Orchestration and Intelligence.

HyperExecute is a smart test orchestration platform to run end-to-end tests at the fastest speed possible. HyperExecute lets you achieve an accelerated time to market by providing a test infrastructure that offers optimal speed, test orchestration, and detailed execution logs.

Let's first take a look at the different ways of executing tests on HyperExecute:

1. Triggering a job on HyperExecute

In order to trigger a job on HyperExecute, it requires the HyperExecute CLI and a set of instructions inside the HyperExecute Yaml file. When you trigger the CLI command, it connects with the HyperExecute APIs which then distributes the tests across different machines/nodes for parallel execution as shown in the diagram below:


2. Real Devices Test Execution on HyperExecute

In case of Real devices test execution the test scripts from the machines run the actual tests on connected real devices as shown in the diagram below:


3. Triggering through local machine

When you are triggering your test cases from the local machine the flow of data is as shown in the diagram below:


4. Triggering through Jenkins

In order to execute a job on HyperExecute via Jenkins, you would need to perform 2 simple steps :


You can read more about it here. When you want the job to be initiated from the Jenkins Pipeline, it would look as shown in the diagram below:


5. How to Trigger Real Device tests on HyperExecute ?

You can seamlessly trigger your favorite mobile app framework test scripts with HyperExecute.


We at Lambdatest take pride in our Support system. We ensure that we do the heavy lifting while our customers can focus on the test scripts and strategy. As a first step in the POC, our support engineers conduct a working session over Zoom or Gmeet to understand your use case and provide you with the right configuration to execute your test cases on HyperExecute. Our support engineers are always available over slack, mail and calls to ensure that we provide you with the right kind of support and set you up for a win. 

Please feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions or require any assistance.

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