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HyperExecute Integration With CI/CD Tools

HyperExecute offers integrations with numerous CI/CD tools to assist you to:

  • Expend less manual effort
  • Deliver faster
  • Reduce risk

To integrate any CI pipeline with HyperExecute, follow these steps:

  1. Download the HyperExecute CLI Binary:

To integrate HyperExecute with your preferred CI pipeline, you need to make use of the Hyperexecute CLI. HyperExecute CLI is a command line client used to interact and run tests on HyperExecute and provide a host of other useful features that accelerate test execution.

For triggering tests using HyperExecute CLI, you have to download the HyperExecute CLI binary corresponding to the platform (or OS) from where the tests are triggered: Below are the HyperExecute CLI download links for different operating systems:

OSHyperExecute CLI download link
  • If the Pipeline VM Image agent has the OS flavor of Linux or Mac, then the HyperExecute CLI binary would need additional permission. Run the command below to get the required permission:
chmod u+x hyperexecute
  1. Execute the HyperExecute CLI Binary

To execute the HyperExecute CLI binary, run the following command:

  • For Windows
hyperexecute.exe –user LT_USERNAME –key LT_ACCESS_KEY –config path of the Hyperexecute YAML file 
  • For Mac/Linux
./hyperexecute –user LT_USERNAME –key LT_ACCESS_KEY –config path of the Hyperexecute YAML file 

Below are detailed instructions for CI/CD tool integrations to help you get the most out of HyperExecute.

Want to know more about Hyperexecute? Here’s a link to our Documentation.

If your favourite CI/CD tool is not in the list mentioned above, then just give us a shout and we will have it ready shortly for you.