Enterprise Grade Security, Privacy and Compliance

More than 420k users trust LambdaTest Cloud Platform to scale up their development process.

Enterprise Grade Security, Privacy and Compliance

LambdaTest is a SOC2
Certified platform that is GDPR Compliant and CCPA Compliant

SOC SecurityGDPR SecurityCCPA Security

SOC2 Type 2 Compliant:

LambdaTest is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and the report covers the AICPA’s Trust Services Principles and Criteria for Security, Confidentiality, Privacy, and Availability. The audits are performed regularly to ensure the safety, privacy and management of data as per the protocols. The SOC2 compliance extends to all services we provide which includes our cloud platform and data centres.

Virtual Machines Usage:

Every machine on our cloud network is secured with assistive firewalls and no user is allowed to install any applications on the virtual machine. Every test that runs on our virtual machines is reverted back to its original state after the session is terminated. That means all the caches, cookies and user data is wiped off. This process is to ensure security and privacy of customer data.

Application Security:

All the account level information, user passwords are stored in an encrypted format. The payment details are passed using secure HTTPS connections. This means your financial data is secured and we cannot access them by any means. We have a secure mechanism to store all your account data, test logs related data on our cloud. This also means that we cannot by any means access

Separate Development Environments:

We ensure that our production environment is logically separated from testing and staging environments. No Service Data is used in our development or test environments.

DOS and DDOS Mitigation:

To prevent DDOS attacks, LambdaTest relies on Cloudflare and several services from AWS. LambdaTest uses Cloudflare CDN as well as AWS WAF to mitigate DDoS risks on all of its services.

Data In Transit Encryption:

LambdaTest platform uses HTTPS secure connection which ensures encryption of your data, and assures safely transit of any data through the application. LambdaTest uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) every time when a user communicates with our servers

GDPR Compliant:

At LambdaTest we strongly believe data protection and security are the integral aspects of what we do. For which we have made sure that LambdaTest is GDPR compliant and that means complete transparency, protection of data and security is guaranteed. You can read more about our GDPR compliance here.

Availability Status & Performance:

Uptime Status:

LambdaTest offers complete transparency into real-time and historical platform status Our services are deployed in multiple data centers which are capable of scaling up automatically to handle the traffic.

LambdaTest has devised an incident management process that helps security teams manage incidents and security breaches with immediate effect. Our inhouse Security team is responsible for communicating incidents and ensuring its timely monitoring and resolution.


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