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Bugasura Integration

Bugasura is a simple and collaborative bug-tracking platform for modern SaaS teams. It comes with the ability to customize workflows and uses an agile approach to report, track and close issues.

Using LambdaTest and Bugasura integration, you can file bugs while performing online browser testing of your web applications from the LambdaTest platform to your Bugasura instance and avoid the hassle of maintaining bugs and tasks manually.

Integrating Bugasura With LambdaTest


Before enabling integrations, ensure you have administrator or user level access.

  1. Sign in to your LambdaTest account. Don't have an account, register for free.

  2. Select Integrations from the left sidebar and then Bugasura.

  1. It will route you to the installing console where you need to enter your Bugasura API Key.

Getting The Bugasura User API Key

  1. Login to your Bugasura account.

  2. From the left sidebar menu, click avatar icon.

  1. Scroll down and copy your user API key.
  1. Paste the user API key that you just copied into the provided field and press Install.

The Bugasura will be integrated with your LambdaTest account.

One-Click Bug Logging With Bugasura

  1. Once you are in the LambdaTest Dashboard, navigate to Real Time Testing > Browser Testing from the left sidebar menu.

  2. To perform live-interactive testing of your website or a web app, enter the web URL, select testing type (Desktop/Mobile), select the browser VERSION, OS, RESOLUTION, and click START.


A cloud-based virtual machine will fire up running real browsers and operating system where you can test websites and web apps for filing bugs.

  1. If you come across any issue or bug, from the left in-session tool bar, click the Bug icon to take a screenshot of a web page.
  1. Using the in-built annotation tool bar, you can mark any issues, bugs and tasks on a web page. Once you have marked the bugs, click Mark as Bug.
  1. In the Bugasura ticket, fill the bug details like Teams, Summary, Description, Project, Assignee and Sprint. After filling all the bug details, click CREATE ISSUE to log the bugs in Bugasura.
  1. Visit LambdaTest Dashboard. From the left sidebar menu, select Manage > Issue Tracker.

  2. In Issue Tracker, you'll notice the logged bugs along with their test environment details. To view your logged bugs in Bugasura, click upper right arrow in square button.


It will re-direct you to the Bugasura dashboard where you can find your filed bugs along with their test environment details.


Uninstalling The Bugasura Integration

  1. Sign in to your LambdaTest account and visit Integrations from the left sidebar menu.

  2. From My Integrations, click REMOVE under the Bugasura block.