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10 Features Every Codeless Test Automation Tool Should Offer

7 MIN READ | OCT 22 2020

Test automation expert and practitioner Angie Jones outlines 10 things testers want in the next generation of codeless tools.


Parallelizing Test Automation? Read This First.

7 MIN READ | OCT 15 2020

Parallel Testing is a lot of work, but if you approach it responsibly, the work is worth the gain in throughput. Here's what to know before you begin.


Automation Will Not Replace Your Testing Skills

7 MIN READ | OCT 08 2020

Bits and bytes on the matters of quality in tech by Lina Zubyte. I care about empathetic leadership, inclusion, and high-quality products.


Manual Testers In The Age of Devops!

7 MIN READ | SEP 25 2020

What does the ever-increasing automation mean to manual software testers? Well, it doesn't have to be that bad! Kevin Dunne shares some really useful tips on how to adapt and mitigate the risk of becoming redundant.


Too Many Meeting, A Dev’s Cry For Help: 5 Things Team Leads Can Do

7 MIN READ | SEP 18 2020

Too many meetings" is not a complaint. It's a cry for help. Forget no-meeting Friday. It doesn't work. Dan Lines have some new ideas you can use to increase dev focus time.

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Artificial Intelligence in Testing - Are we even close?

7 MIN READ | SEP 11 2020

We've been promised artificial intelligence (AI) as the solution to all problems related to testing, especially by those who have never tested—those who believe that what we do as testers is little more than tapping screens to make comparisons.


Self-Testing by Developers. The Hot Potato To Cool Down

7 MIN READ | SEP 04 2020

Should developers test their own code? If so, how to do it in a sane way? Flux Technologies shared some good advice and described how this approach worked for them.

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