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TestNG Tutorial

26 Nov 2020 | Selenium
8 Chapters

Learn how to use TestNG to organize your automated tests and make them more readable and effective.

Learn how to pick the right CI/CD tool that suits your budget and project requirements.

Selenium C#

Selenium C# Tutorial

27 Nov 2020 | Selenium
8 Chapters

Learn how to automate your test scripts using Selenium, an open-source test automation framework - with C#.


Protractor Tutorial

11 Dec 2020 | Selenium
8 Chapters

Learn how to automate tests using Protractor, an end-to-end testing framework for AngularJS applications.


WebDriverIO Tutorial

18 Dec 2020 | Selenium
7 Chapters

Learn how to use WebDriverIO, a next-gen test automation framework for Node.js to perform web automation testing.


Jenkins Tutorial

28 Dec 2020 | Selenium
5 Chapters

Learn how to do continuous integration with the world's most popular CI/CD tool, Jenkins.


Selenium 4

20 Jan 2021 | Selenium
6 Chapters

Learn everything about Selenium 4, from what's deprecated to new features that will help you perform better automation.