Android Browser Emulator Online

Perform cross browser testing with Mobile browser emulator. Ditch your in-house Android browser emulator and test your website on cloud with official iOS and Android emulator browser.
Test On Android Browser Emulators

Test On Android Browser Emulator Online

Accelerate your mobile testing with a cloud-based environment that is always ready to fire up a variety of android emulator browser so you could test from anytime, anywhere. The best part, no installation!
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Responsive Testing With Mobile Emulator Browser

Instantly test responsiveness of your website across different mobile view with mobile emulator browser emulators online. Ensure a seamless responsive web design experience to all your website visitors.
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Test on iPhone Browser Emulator Online
Test On Android Browser Emulators

Appium Automated Testing On Android Devices Online

Automate mobile web testing with cloud Appium Grid & run automation scripts across a variety of iOS and Android emulator browser online. Leverage parallel testing to reduce test cycles significantly.
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Our paid plans start at only $15/month.

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Test Local Pages On Android Browser Emulator

Using the Lambda Tunnel feature, you can perform cross browser testing of your locally hosted or privately hosted website over online mobile browser emulator for android and iOS browsers available on LambdaTest.
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Test on Real Safari Internet Browser Online android browser emulator
Test On Mobile Browser Emulator

Test On Chrome, Opera And Firefox Browsers

You can perform cross browser testing of your website or web application with our android mobile browser emulators for Opera, mobile browser emulator for Firefox and Chrome to ensure cross browser compatibility.
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Perform Responsiveness Test With LT Browser

With LT Browser you can perform responsiveness test for your Website on different devices. Create your own custom devices and view website on different devices and resolution. Test your mobile and desktop simulatenuously with side by side view, debug and share bugs instantly with your team.
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Responsiveness Test With LT Browser

Debug Your Mobile Web Pages on online web browser emulator

With our in-built developer tools, you can debug your mobile pages in real time on our online web browser emulator. That way, you can monitor all kinds of logs to troubleshoot any UI anomaly.
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Debug Your Mobile Web Pages in Real Time
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What is an Emulator Browser?
An emulator browsers is a virtual device that allows you to test your website over a browser that isn't available in your operating system by imitating it virtually. For example, you can leverage mobile emultor browser to help you test responsiveness of your website across a variety of mobile devices from your desktop through a virtual environment. Meaning, you won't have to buy a real mobile device as you can work with a mobile browser emulator which would resemble the look and feel of your website over a particular mobile view.
What are the advantages of using an Emulator Browser?
An Emulator Browser helps you save both time & money involved in a test cycle. You end up saving money as you don't have to buy real devices for mobile web testing. Plus, mobile browser emulators save you a lot of time as you can instantly access dozens or hundreds of different browsers without having to download & install them one after the other.
Our online web browser emulator reliable for testing?
Yes, the online web browser emulator is a reliable option to consider for mobile web testing. Although, they’re not 100% accurate, as they might not be able to replicate the differences in API, gesture, and few specific behaviors observed on mobile devices.
How does LambdaTest help with mobile browser testing?
LambdaTest offers a cloud-based cross browser testing platform that allows you to test your website on 2000+ real desktop and mobile browsers over a variety of operating systems in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. By signing up on LambdaTest, you also get complimentary access to LT Browser which is a dev-friendly browser designed specifically for developers to perform responsive testing on the go with out-of-the-box functionality such as mirrored interactions, hot reloading etc.

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