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Live Interactive Testing on Mobile Browsers Online

Perform Online Cross Browser Testing of your website and webapps on Latest Android and iOS mobile browser emulators and simulators online.

Test On Android Browser Emulators

Test on Best Android Emulator Online

Check your website for cross browser compatibility across latest and legacy Android Mobile browsers on cloud. Perform live interactive testing or Appium automated cross browser testing on a wide range of android browser emulators including both android tablet and mobile browsers.

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Test on iPhone Emulators / Simulators Online

Make sure that your website works across all latest and legacy iOS mobile browsers by performing cross browser testing across iOS browser simulators. Now you can replace your expensive in house device labs with online iPhone simulator for all your manual and automated testing needs.

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Test on iPhone Simulator Online
Test on Real Safari Internet Browser Online

Test Local Pages on Android and iPhone Emulator and iPhone Simulator Online

With LambdaTest cross browser testing cloud, you can now ditch your inhouse Safari Emulators and Simulators, and test on online Safari Browsers and Android Browser. You can even use Lambda Tunnel feature to test your locally hosted or privately hosted.

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Need Unlimited Minutes For Testing on Mobile?

Our paid plans start at only $15/month.

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Automated Web Testing
on Android and iOS
Emulators Online

Run your Appium and Selenium automation test scripts across latest and legacy Android and iOS mobile browsers. Develop, test, and deliver faster every time with automated cross browser testing using LambdaTest online Selenium Automation Grid.

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Automated testing on Android and iOS devices
test on chrome firefox and safari browser

Test on Chrome, Firefox
and Safari Browsers

You can perform cross browser testing of your website or web application on different mobile browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari in various mobile Emulators and Simulators and ensure complete cross platform and cross browser compatibility. In addition you can test on multiple Android and iOS versions as well.

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Debug Your Mobile
Web Pages in Real Time

With our in-built developer tools, you can debug your mobile pages in real time. With a single click you get access to native browser developer tools on all Android Emulator browsers and iPhone Simulator browsers.

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Debug Your Mobile Web Pages in Real Time
Check localhost pages for responsiveness

Responsive Testing on
Mobile Browsers

Test your mobile website or webapp pages for responsiveness on all latest and popular mobile browsers online with a single click. Test on real screen sizes and real browsers instead of testing via changing just view port. You can even test your locally hosted or privately hosted page for responsiveness and fix the issues faster before moving them to production.

Responsive Testing Online

Mark as a Bug

While performing cross browser testing on all mobile browser versions online with LambdaTest, you can also mark your bug directly from LambdaTest to any bug management tool like: JIRA, Asana, Trello or move it to Github, Gitlab or also communicate over Slack.

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Mark as a bug while testing
Support for Safari Browser Windows

24*7 Support From Our
Tech Experts

Our tech experts are available on our support 24*7 to help you in case of any problems with your mobile browser testing. You can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form, messaging in-app, or through call. You can also write to us at support@lambdatest.com and we'll get back to you in no time.


Mobile Emulators and Simulators Available at LambdaTest

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