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LambdaTest’s guest blogger program is for anyone who is passionate about the developer and testing space. We are a people-driven org, and community is our foundation. As 2 Million+ developers and testers use LambdaTest to make their everyday jobs more fulfilling and simpler, we realized that we also have to do our bit in telling the stories of the community, for the community at large. And who better to tell the stories from the trenches than experts like you.
Our aim through this initiative is to create a robust testing community and bring together like-minded people to share their thoughts and ideas.

Topics you can write on

  • Web Automation Testing usingframeworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer.
  • Mobile App Testing using frameworks like Appium
  • CI/CD and DevOps
  • Responsive Testing, Real Time Testing, and Cross Browser Testing
  • Web Development and CSS
  • Thought Leadership
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So, what’s next?

Here are some guest post guidelines to keep in mind when you share a guest post for LambdaTest

Original Concepts and Practical Examples

Original Concepts and Practical Examples

Have an original concept with compelling arguments and high quality of writing. Plagiarized content will not be accepted. Also, try to include practical examples in your content, making it more relatable to your audience.



Blogs, once published, become the property of LambdaTest. Therefore, if you wish to republish it, you must obtain approval from LambdaTest. Blogs will also need to include a canonical tag marking the original article published on the LambdaTest blog as the canonical page.

Grammar and Spell Check

Grammar and Spell Check

Ensure you perform a proper spell check and have no grammatical errors before submission. We recommend Grammarly or Microsoft word to run a basic spell-check.

Casual Tone

Casual Tone

We encourage a casual tone of writing. It is essential that the readers feel comfortable and relatable and not be overwhelmed by the writing.

Do not be offensive or inaccurate

Do not be offensive or inaccurate

Having an opinion and being witty is fine, but don’t be offensive. Ensure you do proper research and do not forget to include citations and references in your articles.

Avoid Promotional Pitches

Avoid Promotional Pitches

We will not publish promotional content that sounds like a sales pitch. So, make sure your content is not promotional of your company or organization.

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How to submit your blog idea or guest post?

So, you’ve read the guidelines and are ready for the next steps? Excellent. Here’s how to get started


Submit Idea

Submit your blog idea along with a brief introduction of yourself.



Our team will review your blog idea and let you know if your submission is accepted. We will get back to you within two weeks of your submission day.



Once your proposal is approved, you can get to the fun part! Start writing your blog. Please make sure you check our guidelines before you start writing.



Format your draft appropriately. We don't enforce a strict word count on the blog, but most articles should fall in the 1500 - 1800 word range. Instead of hitting a specific word count, focus on clear, in-depth explanations that readers of all levels can understand and learn.


Submit your blog

Once your draft is ready, you can submit it by including your name and a short biography about yourself. If the draft meets our editorial standards, we will get in touch with you and let you know when it will be published.



LambdaTest reserves the right not to respond to submissions that do not meet the guidelines. In addition, LambdaTest reserves the right to proofread, edit and adapt content as we see fit. And while we hope your posts have a long life on the LambdaTest blog, we reserve the right to remove them at any point in time.

Note: LambdaTest editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion.

What’s in it for you?

Join the bustling community of experts. We believe in working transparently and truly valuing our collaborators.
Here’s what is in store for you

  • Exciting rewards, swags, giveaways, vouchers, and much more!
  • Unlimited access to LambdaTest products
  • Reach 2 Million+ users - Get featured in LambdaTest social media platforms and Coding Jag, LambdaTest’s newsletter
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