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Live Testing Browsers

  • What developer tools come pre-installed in each LambdaTest Live remote session browser?

    LambdaTest Live has all major developer debugging tools like Firebug, Web Developer, YSlow etc. For complete list of Developer tools that comes pre-installed with the browsers, checkout this page here.

  • Can I install any additional tool that I like?

    Yes. You have full access to browser extensions and therefore can install any additional tool you like. However that tool be deleted once you close the Live session and you would have to reinstall it again in next session to use. If you are facing any problem around installing a tool on browser, raise an issue in LambdaTest Support portal and we would be glad to help you out.

  • Can I record video of a test sesssion?

    Yes. Open you website in any device and click on the video recording button, a timer will start and you will be able to record your interaction of the website within the device. The timer will continue to run unless you stop the recording by clicking over the same video recording button.

  • Where can I find recorded videos & highlighted images?

    To access any of your captured screenshots or recorded video, visit the Media. In Media, you’ll find tabs for Images & Videos. You can download, share, and delete any image or video from the Media tab. And similar to in-built image editor, you can mark a bug from an image stored in Media as well.

  • Can I test locally hosted websites using LT Browser?

    Yes. All you need to do for testing your locally hosted web-apps or websites, is to provide the localhost string as the URL in the header of your LT browser and you’ll be able to access your localhost server.

  • How To Debug My Website In LT Browser?

    With LT Browser, not only can you evaluate how your responsive web design might look over 45+ devices but you can also debug your web-application to figure out the root cause behind a browser or UI bug. To debug your website, click on the button with the debug icon.

  • Why is Device Sync not working for my website?

    Certain websites block the script which we use for the Device Sync feature to work. It doesn't let the WebSocket connection stay. Generally, the e-commerce and social media websites block this script to prevent data scraping and crawling bots. Whenever you test the particular website, you will get a warning message. You are requested to disable the Device Sync for that particular website.

  • Why is Device Sync lagging for my website?

    Device Sync works with loading a script on the website, which creates a WebSocket connection. You need to wait for the web page to load completely before the Device Sync can be used. For certain websites that have a different scroll behavior for the images and pages, the Scroll Sync might behave in this way.

  • I am not able to generate a Performance Audit report for my website.

    The audit report can be generated only for the public URLs. We currently use the Google LightHouse API to fetch the performance data which limits the audit for private or locally hosted web pages.

  • Can I share the performance audit report with my team?

    Yes, the audit reports are shareable. You can either generate a non-expiring shareable link or share the report with your team over email. Currently, we don’t provide a feature to export the Audit report as a PDF or doc.

  • Why is my website rendering differently in LT Browser when compared to real devices or EMU/SIM?

    You can try clearing the cache using the 'Clear Website Cache' option under 'Advanced settings'. If the issue persists, this might be due to the web view. Currently, LT Browser uses web view to render the website. Therefore, the content renders accordingly. So in certain edge cases for some configurations, you may notice that the website behavior is slightly different from that on the real device.

  • Why does my website load differently on LT Browser and Real time testing?

    The website might have certain OS-level configuration requirements that don’t get replicated on LT Browser. For such scenarios, we suggest you use the real-time testing feature of LambdaTest.

  • Some elements of the website are loading differently in a normal browser and LT Browser?

    This can be due to the cache of the website. You can clear the cache using the 'Clear Website Cache' option under 'Advanced settings'.

  • How do I clear the website cache and perform a hard reload?

    You can try clearing the cache using the 'Clear Website Cache' option under 'Advanced settings'. The webpage then opens with cache cleared and the tests can be performed once the page loads completely.

  • I am not able to open the hyperlinks that open in New Tab.

    This issue can be solved with the widget and pop-up toggle from the 'Advanced Settings'. When the toggle is off, the links will open in New Tab. Otherwise, the links would not open in the new tab. Also, you can open the links in New Tab by using the shortcut 'Ctrl+click' even while the toggle is off.

  • I am not able to use widgets on my website in LT Browser.

    To use the widgets, you can enable the Widgets and Popups toggle from the ' Advanced Settings' of the app.

  • Can I edit Custom Devices?

    No, custom devices can only be deleted and recreated with the required configurations.

  • What difference does it make when I add a custom device with the same dimensions as desktop or as mobile?

    It has the following differences:

    • Different frames appear for Desktop, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet.
    • Zoom functionality changes too. For mobile, it is frame Zoom and for Desktop and  Laptops, it is content Zoom.
    • Rotate functionality is enabled for Mobile and Tablet but not for Desktop and Laptops.
    • The thumbnail icon that is used in the left menu is with respect to  the selected device type.

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